A Guide To Exploring Karen

Karen is one of the affluent neighbourhoods in Nairobi. It was named after a Danish Author Karen Blixen who lived there and even had a coffee plantation for 17 years.

Depending on the prevailing traffic conditions, the drive from the CBD to Karen should take about 20 minutes during offpeak hours and about 45 minutes during peak hours. The roads to Karen are notorious for traffic so do your due diligence on the best time /route before setting off.

1. Shop At The Many Malls In Karen

There are many malls in Karen where you can go and spend your quality time with friends and family catching up, doing window shopping or just shopping. Some of the malls in Karen are The Hub, Karen, Waterfront Mall and Galleria Mall all which are architectural masterpieces with every commodity you are looking for and gaming parks for your kids.2. Wildlife Watching

You can go for wildlife watching in the many wildlife centres in Karen which top up as wildlife conservation centres. They are great places to unwind a busy week. They are usually not crowded so you can get your quality time watching animals and learn a thing or two about them. Some of the centres are Mamba Village, Giraffe centre and even Stedmark Animal Park.3. Take a Dip at MajiMagic Water Park

It is a cold season now but when the sun is blazing hot, you can go for a splash at MajiMagic waterpark in Waterfront Park. You can go for the aqua glide inflatable sports Park, stand up paddleboarding sessions and aqua zorbing. The waterpark is absolutely secure with qualified lifeguards and a 75-minute session at the waterpark will cost you Sh 2,000 but its worth every shilling paid.4. Pass By The Bomas Of Kenya Along The Way

If you love the culture, then a trip to Bomas Of Kenya would enlighten you on the various traditional lifestyles of the 42 tribes of Kenya. It takes approximately half a day to learn and comprehend the cultural heritage of Kenya. One also gets to be entertained by traditional dance performances, folklore as well as songs upon visit. If you love acrobatics, you will be sure to find jaw-dropping acrobatic performances that will leave you in awe.5. Take a Tour at Kazuri Beads

Also along the way, you can take a tour at Kazuri beads which is around 20 minutes and one will be able to learn the history as well as the process of creating pottery and beads. Buying the products is a way of supporting the underprivileged families so make sure you grab some of their products on your way out.6. Brandy Busy ‘Night Out’  

This will be probably your best experience in Karen, spending a night on the Brandy Bus. To get to sleep on that bus, you just need to book your stay there. The bus was a government vehicle in Likoni before it broke down and the owner decided to transform this bus into a home.7. Visit the Karen Blixen Museum

Of course, a trip to Karen won’t be complete without visiting the Karen Blixen Museum. Located at the foot of Ngong hills and 10 kilometres from Nairobi, the 19th-century bungalow museum sits in a serene environment with lush green lawns. It has most of Kren Blixen’s furniture. Its gardens can also be rented out for corporate events or even weddings.