Why You Should Visit Saruni Wild: Mara

Saruni Wild is a 3-tents only private camp elegantly and comfortably furnished with all the necessary luxuries of a wild yet classic safari. The camp is located in the heart of the Masai Mara plains, on the border between Lemek Conservancy and Mara North Conservancy and Mara North Conservancy.

Surrounded by tens of thousands of acres of pristine, untouched wilderness, the camp has the most classic Masai Mara setting. You get the closest view of the thriving wildlife near the tents.

Here is why you should visit Saruni Wild in the Mara.

1.Warriors Academy Programme

Saruni Wild has a ‘Warriors Academy’ programme. Guests who are interested in this program where they learn survival skills of Maasai warriors can be taught on what to go through to be a ‘Moran’. Guests get trained in the expansive Mara with trained and experienced Maasai guides who are familiar with the culture.

2. Exciting Views and Wildlife Interaction

From Saruni Wild tents, you get an exceptional view of the plains ahead and even can have a view of predators chasing their prey now and then on the open plains. Many wild animals also walk just metres from the tent so you have a real-life encounter with them from the safety of your tent.

3. Authentic Camping Experience

Now that you stay in tents, Saruni Will gives you an authentic camping experience in the middle of the unspoiled wilderness that’s Mara.

4. Strategic Location

We had earlier said that Saruni Wild is in the heart of the Mara with wildlife thriving beside the tents. Its location is strategic to people who want to go for immersive camping and game watching.

5. Privacy and Exclusivity

Saruni Wild is amazingly private and satisfyingly exclusive. Its location as said above provides enough privacy and lets you bond interact with nature in its element.