Why You Should Stay at Kizingo Lodge While In Lamu

Kizingo Lodge sits on the edge of the Lamu Island, hidden by vast sea and undisturbed nature. It is free from the usual beach activities including ungoverned hawkers and beach boys that just won’t leave you be. one guest describes this place as ‘dangerously peaceful’ while another warns that you might find yourself permanently moving to Lamu. Here are all the wonderful reasons to stay at this simple yet serene luxury destination.

10/10 customer care

The lodge is only accessible by water, so the lodge makes arrangements for boats to collect guests from the Lamu Airport. You will then be ferried to the premises where you will be welcomed with complimentary tea or coffee while being settled in. The lodge is very informal and you won’t have anyone intruding your privacy. The owners and staff however will be gladly available at all times to help you with what you need.

Relaxed atmosphere

The Kizingo Beach is a barefoot beach and during your stay all you will need are light clothes and a good appetite. Otherwise, you can spend your days walking by the beach, enjoying a nap in a hammock, swimming in the sea or making friends with other guests. There is absolutely no pressure or rush at Kizingo. Additionally, the devices of the fast world such as T.Vs, Jet Skiis, Radios, Wi-Fi etc are all absent. This way, you get to be easily and effortlessly live in the moment.

It’s eco-friendly

Kizingo Lodge is built fully by locally sourced and environmentally friendly. These include makuti, palm posts and grass. Due to lack of most electronics, the lodge relies mainly on solar power for hot water and lighting. The lodge also recycles shower and kitchen water to use for the garden.

Nesting sea turtles and a swim with dolphins

If the first three points have not yet convinced you, then perhaps this will do the trick. At Kizingo, you can get the chance to swim with the dolphins especially between November and April when the monsoon winds bring the dolphins towards the lodge. Like that is not enough, you can also get to watch female green sea turtles make their way to the Kizingo beach where they lay their eggs. If you are around 45 days later, you may be lucky enough to witness the magical event of these eggs hatching and the tiny turtles naturally making their way back to the sea. This great event happens between October and June. These two events truly set the lodge apart from the rest.

Freshly fished food

Being right by the sea, most of the foods served will be directly taken from the sea. This means that you will ot have to worry about the quality of the food. The lodge also grows most of its vegetables in its garden so everything you consume will be organic and fresh.

Other fun activities

When you have had enough resting and basking, the lodge has a list of activities that they offer their guests but at an extra fee. These include a guided tour to Lamu Town, Dhow sailing across the ocean where you can go for deep-sea fishing, snorkelling, kite surfing and a visit to the Lake Kenyatta!

For more information about the lodge, kindly contact:

+254791422092/+254 712575261