Why You Should Stay At Barefoot Beach Camp When In Watamu

The Kenyan Coast is always a great destination for both business and leisure travel. The cultural and historical richness the region carries can barely be compared to any other. The slow pace of life, friendly population and insanely large variety of foods just makes it all the more exciting. Among the towns in the coastal region of Kenya are Mombasa, Lamu and Watamu. Here is why you should definitely choose the Barefoot Beach Camp for your accommodation when you are in Watamu.

Literal Retreat

If you are escaping from crazy traffic, noisy streets, and the never-ending rush that is present in the city, then Barefoot Camp is your number one spot. It is located miles away from civilization with the only noise you are going to hear is that of other guests and the surrounding wildlife. Not to mention the soothing sound of the ocean waves beating against the beach just next to the camp. Which brings us to our next point.

Magnificent Beach Front

Being a privately owned camp, and far from other facilities, the Barefoot Beach Camp offers its guest an exclusive introduction to the Indian Ocean just a few meters from the camp. You will get to enjoy peaceful, quiet and exciting moments walking, seating or swimming near the beach. The sunset is to die for. The waves are great for meditation and you can end up collecting beautiful shells brought onto the beach by the waves.

Communal Setting

The Barefoot Beach Camp hosts are big on family and bringing people together. That is why there is no Wi-Fi nor television in the camp. Instead, there are many communal spaces such as the sun bathing spot under beautiful palm trees, the indoor lounge where you can get to mingle with other visitors, or the candle lit dinners set outside a sky full of stars.

Amazing Food

What is great accommodation if the food is not equally amazing right? The Barefoot Beach Camp has this front covered as well. The meal times are served in buffet style with a variety of options to choose from. Whether you are a vegetarian or a lover of African meals, the camp’s menu is definitely going to satisfy your appetite!

Great Customer Service

As earlier mentioned, the Barefoot Beach Camp is owned by Eddie and Selma who host and cater to their guests. They make sure to interact with all their visitors, doing their very best to make each one absolutely comfortable. By the end of your stay there, you will have made a new family at Watamu.

For more information, you can reach them via 0722421351 or via their facebook page.