Why You Should Book A Stay At Sirikoi Lodge Laikipia

As the holidays approach, holiday destinations keep getting more booked. While you may have a long list of options to choose from, it is always wise to consider important factors including budget, distance, etc. Sirikoi lodge is a great option for a holiday stay for whether you are travelling alone or with friends and family. Here is why:

It is family-ran

The advantage of a family-ran lodge or hotel is that you can be sure everything will be in order. And in the event that there might be a problem, then you can always directly voice your concerns to Will and Sue Roberts, the owners of Sirikoi. Will and Sue make sure to always join their guests for a sundowner, thereby making themselves available to them. Apart from accountability, the daily presence of the owners also gives the place a more personal touch. More like a second home.

It is family friendly

Sirikoi lodge is open and accommodative of all members of a family unit. The lodge is equipped with trained staff that are able to help out with all guests no matter their needs. This include babies, toddlers and even the elderly. If you are travelling solo, then do not worry because the lodge has packages tailored for the solo sojourner as well.

Fresh home-grown food

One of the things that makes people weary of accommodation destinations is the question of food. Some hotels and restaurants have been known to recycle food and keep a very low standard of hygiene. In Sirikoi, this is not true. The Lodge prides itself of having a one acre purely organic botanical garden. Here, dozens of fruits and vegetables are grown and harvested all year long. Almost all of the food you will be enjoying during your stay will come from this garden.

Arm-chair game viewing

The Lewa Conservancy and the Laikipia wilderness surrounds Sirikoi lodge. Within its borders are a water hole and plush vegetation enjoyed by some of the animals. The lodge offers its guests a chance to sit and view the wild game at the comfort of the deck. Although game-drives are available every morning and evening, you can still get to see the animals while enjoying a drink or snack.

It is communal

The Sirikoi Lodge believes in getting people together. Therefore, the lodge arranges communal 4 O’clock tea and other meals during the day. The tea is set at the common lounge where guests get to mingle with each other and the owners. This helps with creating friends and other connections.

For more information on Sirikoi Lodge visit their website.