Why Kenya Should Be Your Exchange Program Destination

Are you supposed to choose a country for your exchange program and you are confused about where to go? Sure Europe is vast and beautiful and Asia has deep traditional history, but have you considered Africa? Kenya to be exact? Here are just a few of the reasons why Kenya is the perfect place for your exchange program.

Different Culture

Most of the world has almost similar culture and way of doing things. However, no matter where you go, Africa still has ways of life that are only existent in the continent. Kenya is no different. Coming to Kenya will introduce you to life like never before. You will get to enjoy different Kenyan languages, music, food and events. That way, your exchange program will be more than academic work.

Friendly People

Did you know that Kenya has the friendliest group of people this side of the Sahara? Making friends is very easy and assured. Of course there are malicious individuals in our midst, but they make the smallest bit. Most people are happy to give a helping hand to a foreigner. They do not mind assisting you in your day to day activities during your stay here.

Outstanding Sites to See

If you are not big on being social with people, then perhaps the breathtaking natural and manmade sites gracing the Kenyan land will convince you. Wildlife, lakes and mountains, cultural festivities and monuments and anything else that you might want to see… you will get it in Kenya. For starters, we have the largest desert lake in the world in our borders together with the second-highest mountain in Africa. We promise you that you will not miss a site to see for as long as you are here.

Slower Pace of Life

You might enjoy the slow pace of life that is in Kenya, different from most first world countries. This can be some sort of vacation for you even though you have to go to class and study. Even then, you will definitely have more than enough time to simply relax or better still, explore Kenya. The slower pace might also mean a cheaper life, depending on where you are from.

Chance to Make a Difference

Although Kenya is as beautiful as countries get, it still remains to be a 3rd world country. This means that there are many areas and people that would do well with a bit of help. You can choose to be part of a voluntary program during your exchange program, which aims to make the lives of people in need better. That is one of the most fulfilling things you can ever do in life, and Kenya has many such opportunities for you,