What to Look for When Choosing A Travelling Backpack

Are you getting the right backpack for your trip to Kenya and around the world? Do you know what to consider and check before deciding which bag to take home with you No? Then we are here to make the process easier for you. Here are some things you should always factor in when buying a travelling backpack.

Outer Strength

Have you ever bought a handbag or wallet that went undone in the middle of a street? Now imagine the same scenario but in a foreign place. Getting a backpack that is strong enough to carry all your luggage despite the tension and weight is very important. When bags are new, they all look like they are strong. But here are some things to check.

  • If you can see the strings holding together straps and seams, then most likely they will easily tear whenever you are carrying heavy luggage.
  • Any sign of running stitches is a clear indicator that further damage is waiting to happen.
  • Check on the material if the bag. Always go for original materials such as original cotton, denim, leather etc. The synthetic material may look appealing at first but as the bag ages so it is prone to more damage.

Pockets and compartments

What is a travel bag without secret pockets and compartments? This helps you sort your luggage when packing so as to easily access them in the time of use. Multiple pockets also lessen the chances of you losing your valuables because pickpockets cannot easily get to them. Even when you are packing light, always go for the bag with the most pockets and compartments. You are going to find a use for them, we promise.

Zip Strength

A backpack zip is the one thing that keeps your mind at rest knowing that your things are safely packed in the bag. Therefore, you must always ensure that the zips of the backpack are strong and durable. The bigger the zip buckle the stronger it is. Also, go for double zips so that in case one gets ruined, you can always have the other functioning one.

Laces and Buckles

Backpacking bags often have reinforcements such as laces and buckles, which keep the bag and its contents compact and safe. Laces work well as zip backups in case they are damaged. Buckles, on the other hand, help you to fasten the bag on your body, therefore, releasing some tension from the bag straps and distributing the weight all over your person.

Stretch and Lightness

The more flexible a bag the better it is for travel. You can tell a bag is flexible by the way it looks without luggage. Flexible bags do not have a distinct shape when empty and will not stand on their own. A flexible bag will hold more luggage and will be lighter when empty.