What To Consider When Looking For a Hiking/Trekking Group In Kenya

When looking for a hiking or trekking group in Kenya, there are many things to consider so that you can get the best out of the hike in all ways possible.

Here is a list of what to consider when looking for a hiking and trekking group in Kenya.

1. Cost

Overpriced hikes are a direct turn-off. Go for moderately or cheap hikes if you don’t want to strain yourself financially.

2. Number Of Hikers

Check out the number of people who will be going for that hike. If the number is more than 18, then that is a crowd and not a hiking group. More numbers will mean they will be hard to manage and some members of the group might slow you down if they are hiking for the first time, so the less the better.

3. Group Uniqueness

You ask how can a hiking group be unique, well, a unique hiking and trekking group must have a functional updated website and even a Youtube channel which documents previous hikes and treks. The group must also offer sole attention to hiking and trekking and not everything which divides its attention, that is uniqueness.

4. Rating

Check the client reviews of the hiking group and even ratings. Be careful not to be trapped by 5-star ratings which are as a result of marketing but in the real sense, their services are of low quality.

5. Successful Previous Engagements

Check if the group you want to hike with has ever successfully taken hikers somewhere else like Mount Kenya, Kilimanjaro or Aberdares. If it is so, then the group is very capable of doing that again so it should be your pick. ‘Experience’ is key here and so is your safety so go for Groups which have done this before.