Ways to Know About Kenyan Events and Festivals

The best way to enjoy your stay in Kenya, and any foreign place generally, is to try and experience the place through a local’s eyes. Attending Kenyan events and festivals is one good way to do this. Kenyan people: check. Kenyan food: check. Kenyan music: check. Kenyan culture: check. Not many options provide all these things at a go. So here are a few ways to be on the know-how of events, festivals and gigs happening around you while in Kenya.

Websites and blogs

There is nothing like the internet when it comes to the fast spreading of news. The advantage of such sites is that they are easily accessible and almost always free as long as you have an internet connection. Websites are also not time-restricted as newspapers that have to wait for the start of the day to publish their material. Some Kenyan websites to follow in order to receive event news include Kenyabuzz.com, Hapakenya.com and ghafla.com.

Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are not only for posting photos and status updates. They can also be a great source of information, especially in urban culture matters. All you have to do is find groups and pages dedicated to the kind of events you are interested in.  Following specific celebrity pages will also keep you informed about their upcoming events.


It may seem outdated, but you will be surprised at how many artists still use flyers to spread the news about their concerts. And for good reason. In the event that you have no internet connection, or you had not gotten time to check on the websites and blogs, flyers work as a great supplement. And unlike online news, flyers are tangible and ever-present. So you can simply pin them on a wall somewhere that will remind you to book the date.

Word of mouth

Depending on your social circles while in Kenya, word of mouth can bring to your attention huge amounts of information. You could be attending a Karaoke night and an artist comes up to the stage and announces about their soon to happen show. You could also be having a drink with an artsy friend who then invites you to a show later that week. These are just some examples of how to stay informed concerning Kenyan events while staying here.