Top Things To Do In Lake Naivasha’s Crescent Island

If there is a hidden gem in Naivasha, then it is the Crescent Island. It can be described as a garden, an animal sanctuary or simply a little paradise. Lying on the shores of Lake Naivasha, this magical space offers a number of unforgettable experiences, which you should definitely get to experience. Below are some of the things that you should do when visiting the crescent island.

Boat Ride

There are several ways to getting to The Crescent Island. You can choose to go by road or by water. Although the Island itself does not offer boat rides, there are boat safaris on the East and West ends of the island that can take you and your company to the entrance gates of the sanctuary at a fee. You should however not pay the entry fees to the sanctuary because they are not associated with the park. The boat ride will be among and along with hippos so be ready to be mesmerized.

Bird Watching

Once you are at the park, you can start off your day with bird watching. The island hosts both land and water birds thanks to the lake. Some of the birds you are bound to see are water eagles, the yellow-billed stork and the ibis among others. The birds are a scenery to behold while their coos and calls a magnificent sound.

Nature photography

If you enjoy nature photography then you will be overwhelmed by the beauty that the Crescent Island holds. From small to big animals, birds, the sunset hitting the water surface and the lush green vegetation that covers the space. You are sure to capture moments that are only unique to the island.


Once you are done with the activities, you can sit and set up a picnic on one of the many spaces in the park. Enjoy your snacks and drinks with the sun subtly warming your necks and the gentle but steady breeze keeping you cool. Just make sure that you do not litter the park and stay clear of the places that are out of bounds.

A Walk Amongst the Gentle Beasts

Crescent Island is the one park in Kenya with the highest number of animals per acre. Most of the animals here are herbivores such as Giraffes, Zebras, Impalas and Hippos. The tour guides, however, mention that hyenas and pythons are known to use the park as hunting grounds, especially at night. The amazing thing is that you get to talk a nature walk among these animals without fear of harm or danger.

The Crescent Island opens at 8.00a.m and closes at 6.00 p.m daily and their respective charges applicable to each individual. More information on the charges can be found on their website.