Top Stop-overs For Nyama Choma While Travelling In Kenya

Travelling, whether going upcountry of just travelling for fun to unwind needs one to have that one place, that one favourite place they usually stop to have a bite.

When travelling, especially to western or eastern Kenya, there are many places one can stop over and have nyama choma before proceeding with the journey. The list below is according to a survey on twitter and personal experience.

Have a look

1.Ekero, Mumias

This is a tiny town in Mumias but it has gained the name ‘international nyama choma zone’ owing to both national and international visitors who visit the place for nyama choma. Stalls here specialise in mutton and chicken as well as succulent goat meat all roasted to perfection.

2. Kikopey

This is one of the best nyama choma joint along the Nairobi Nakuru highway. You can’t afford to avoid this place if you love some perfectly roasted Nyama choma.

3. Hilltop Bar & Restaurant Mitheru, Meru

One of the best places here for a succulent and sweet Nyama Choma is Hilltop Bar and Restaurant. Strategically located on the highway, in a backdrop of Nithi River slopes, this place is a must-stop for motorists travelling along the Meru-Nairobi highway.

4. Texas, Kajiado

Texas Arenas Choma zone is a budget-friendly bed and breakfast accommodation facility conveniently located in the heart of Kajiado Town, Kenya. The hotel is located in close proximity to business centres and food courts and ideal for small budget travellers. Their Nyama Choma is something you will wish to come again for in this dusty town.

5. Bombay Inn, Kenol Murang’a

This is a good stopover in Muranga where you are sure to get fresh and sweet roasted meat anytime you visit. They also offer accommodation too.

6. Narok

Narok is a stopover many people going to western Kenya must stop at. Narok has many restaurants where one can get Nyama choma but trust me, it is the sweetest you will ever taste.

7. Koriema Centre

If you are looking for the best-roasted goat meat, then look no further if you are in Baringo county. Goat meat here at Koriema  Centre doesn’t need to be salted because it is naturally salted. If you have time you can even slaughter your own goat and roast it yourself.

8. Ole Polos

Ole Polos is located about 11 kilometres from Kiserian Town. This nyama choma joint serves roasted lamb, chicken and even beef and you can decide to accompany them with ugali, mukimo or even roasted potatoes.

Picturesque Maasai plains provide the perfect backdrop down below.

9. Kamakis Bypass

This is a very good place at the Eastern Bypass to stop by and eat some sweet roasted meat (beef,  goat, chicken,  pork, mutton etc)