Top Magical Spots To Camp Out In Kenya

Camping is still relatively unknown and hugely under-utilised by both local and international tourists. Many, especially the international tourists arrive and are immediately taken to a hotel and then start touring the many parks the next day and totally miss out on the adventurous part which is camping. This is because in most cases, it is not in their safari package.

Here are some of the magical spots across Kenya which one can camp out.

1.Ngare Ndare Forest, Nanyuki

This is the most magical camping spot in Kenya. This treetop camping spot is set in the middle of the indigenous Ngare Ndare Forest on a seven-metre high tree platform that you can camp on. It leads on to a tree canopy walk and underneath, a fire pit is dug out under a giant tree which is most ideal for campfire stories as darkness sets in. During the day, you should go for a hike and plunge in the ice-cold blue pools to cool off.  Camping here costs Ksh2,000 Per person, an armed ranger for Ksh1,000 and a hiking guide for an additional Ksh1,000 per group.

2. Camp Carnelleys, Naivasha

Camp Carnelleys is an hour and a half drive from Nairobi and is set on the shores of the beautiful Lake Naivasha. This is a quiet and secluded place for a perfect weekend getaway. You can go for hiking at Mt. Longonot crater, cycling in Hells Gate and later when night approaches go to your banda in Carnelleys or better still pitch your own tent on the lush vegetation. Camping here costs Ksh800 per person while an en-suite banda for two starts from Ksh8,000 per night with breakfast.

3. Lake Paradise Special Campsite, Marsabit

Found in Marsabit National Park, Lake Paradise special campsite is a spectacular place to camp for the night. You get to camp beside the Lake and have an amazing view of wild animals coming over from the other side to quench their thirst. There are also rangers on-site to ensure your safety so you can camp stress-free.

4. Havila Resort, Sagana

Havila resort is a two-hour drive from Nairobi. It is located on the banks of Tana River in Sagana and by the campsite being just next to the river makes this place magical. While here, you can also go hiking, white water rafting and even have a yoga lesson. Camping cost is Ksh2,000 per tent.

5. Mt. Ololokwe , Archers Post

Mt. Ololokwe is in Samburu, a 5-hour drive from Nairobi. It dominates the clear skies of Samburu with a flat top. To camp here, you need to hike up the mountain and it is no mean feat to climb up the steep ascent. On reaching the top, you reap the fruits of your hard work by pitching your tent at the top and enjoying picturesque sunsets.

6. Mount Suswa, Narok

Mount Suswa is a beautiful dormant volcano in Narok where you can camp on the rim. The ‘campsite’ is just a patch of grass on the crater edge, but the views of the crater and inner peak are spectacular, and it’s a great base if you’re keen to hike the around the edge. Getting to the rim is not easy and you will need a decent 4X4 vehicle to scale it. Conservancy fee here is Ksh3,000 per person per day and camping fee is Ksh500 per person and an additional Ksh500 for the car.

7. Jangwani Camp

Camping at Jangwani is not like any other campsite. The unique camping experience will allow you to camp by the waterfalls on lush green grass while enjoying your time with family or friends.
After an adventurous day of hiking, archery, white water rafting and even kayaking at Jangwani, falling asleep to the sounds of the waterfalls is a natural therapeutic experience. Camping fee is Ksh1500  per person.

8. Oloiden Camping Site

This is a private piece of paradise away from the masses and one of the finest camping sites in Naivasha. Strategically beside lake Naivasha, you get to wake to a gentle lake breeze which is an absolute matchless camping experience. This place is a little more expensive than aother camping sites but worth every shilling spent.

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