Top Kenyan Travel Blogs To Follow And Learn More About Kenya

We at endeavour to keep our readers well informed about Kenyan Travel. From travel guides to travel tips, we aim at giving you, the traveller, all the knowledge you may need to easily and enjoyably travel through Kenya. And like us, there are several other travel bloggers who give a great insight on Kenyan destinations and culture. Here are five Kenyan travel bloggers to check out.

Equipped with a camera and his sense of adventure, the Kenyan Camper began travelling through Kenya by himself. His unique destination theme (camping) often centres around less travelled areas such as North Eastern Kenya, Maasai Land, etc. only recently has he began liaising with other individuals including videographers and other photographers. His photo based travel blog is bound to leave you wanting more.

Emily Nderitu is a female solo traveller who shares about her travel chronicles through her travel blog If you are an aspiring female traveller and you would like some insight about how that life is in Kenya, then this blog is right for you. Her blog covers stories written from a personal and often moving perspective. She also encourages travellers to follow their desires and not tie themselves down just because of financial challenges.

One of the longest running travel blogs, has mountains of information on Kenyan Travel. The blog features various writers that offer useful tips, great destination suggestions etc. Travelstartke also has a user-friendly interface and an easy to reach post format.

Having won the best travel blog in Kenya awards severally, safari254 is a popular choice especially for Kenyan travellers. The blog covers a multitude of Kenyan Travel experiences including food, diverse culture, music and destinations. You can also find information on budget travel, group travel and available travel packages for numerous Kenyan destinations. Whether you plan on travelling alone or with a group of friends, safari254 is a great source of helpful information.

Lastly, Aluoch Bonita is yet another successful story of a solo female traveller. She documents her journeys with breath-taking photos and fascinating stories. From the shores of Lake Turkana to the white sandy beaches of Malindi, bonitaonsafari will give you an almost tangible desire of visiting all the magnificent Kenyan destinations immediately.