Top 10 Places To Eat In Kilifi

There are many places one can eat in Kilifi but we have narrowed down to 10 of the best. Here is a list of the best places you should stop by in Kilifi and have a bite

Have a look.

1.Bokobo Porini Restaurant

This is one restaurant which represents the charm of Kilifi. With charming staff and entertainment in an open plan restaurant, this is one place you should visit for a meal while in Kilifi. The custom of offering clay bowls of war lime-water for washing hands before and after meals is one of the details which will add to a memorable experience. Here, you will enjoy tasty charcoal-grilled meat, chicken dishes and even fish to name just but a few. All these are touched by Seychelloise spices which ensures an unmatched exotic flavour.

2. Moorings

The seafood restaurant is one of the oldest, well-known restaurants and your first choice for fish, lobster, crab and prawns. Floating on the Mtwapa creek with a great waterfront setting and a spectacular view, this eatery offers apart, apart from fresh local seafood, a menu with steak, chicken and pasta. ll this enjoyed in an ambience of tranquillity and the charm of their floating restaurant.

3. Nautilus Restaurant

Nautilus is located at Old Ferry road. This Swiss-owned restaurant offers fine, romantic dining with gorgeous views of the sea. The wine is good, oysters are great and it brags about serving the best Cappuccino in the county.

4. La Marina

La Marina is located at the shores of Mtwapa Creek. It is set in a place that’s is tranquil, relaxing and perfect for a candle-lit dinner. With an Arab Dhow at the jetty, you can also organize for a sundowner boat ride or enjoy the sunset at their well-stocked bar. Their A La Carte menu specialises in seafood although there are many dishes to accommodate all appetites.

5. CrabShack

If you are for a seafood feast, ensure that you drop by Crabshack for delicious fresh fish, prawns and crab dinner cooked by professional chefs. The creek also offers a selection of snacks including Shack’s signature crabs.

6. Osteria Restaurant  and Ice Cream

This is one of the most notable spaces in Malindi. The setting comprises of an indoor restaurant with a vintage ambience and matching decor. There is also an art gallery on the first floor. You will be spoilt for choice with their extensive list of Rissotti options , a tonne of pastries and over 60 varieties of Pizza .They also have the famous affogato.

7. Mama Guddy’s Robinson Island Sanctuary

Mama Guddy’s Robinson Island Sanctuary is located a few kilometres north of Malindi. You will be canoes across on a wooden typical canoe conducted by a folkloric friendly man who animates your crossings with local songs. The small restaurants will surely strike you for their style; built only with natural materials, gifts from the sea or from the forest from logs, barrels and hundreds of dried mangrove roots. The menu, just like the structure, is an unlimited series of gifts collected offered by the sea and expertly cooked.

8. Baby Marrow Art And Food Restaurant

Located along Vasco Da Gama road in Malindi, , this restaurant offers guests not only culinary creativity but also a permanent art gallery. This standout restaurant is not only one of the best on the coast but in the entire country. They bring you house specialities such as smoked sailfish, pizza, Bianca, vodka sorbet or Sicilian ice cream.

9. Olympia

This restaurant in Malindi is another stop to hit when the craving for Italian bites. Here, you will indulge in a good selection of wine and food not limited to pasta and pizza to complement the ambience and location. Seating is in little cute booths. We recommend black mussels in butter sauce and the ice-cream. The prices are midrange and the service is excellent.

10. Che Shale, near Malindi.

Che Shale hotel is 20 kilometres North of Malindi. This is one of the hotels in Kenya offering the best farm to plate seafood experience. They also offer a variety of juices, seafood, steaks and many more.  Che Shale has an organic crab farm too which provides the hotel with huge mangrove crabs.