Top 10 Best Beaches in Kenya Worth Every Penny

Kenya is one of the most fascinating countries one can ever travel to. The distinctively unique and beautiful tropical beaches rank high on the list of the most visited places in Kenya.

Here we look at the top 10 best beaches in Kenya that are arguably worth every penny you intend to spend on your next vacation.

The Best Beaches in Kenya

Here is a list of the most visited beaches in Kenya.

1. Diani Beach

Top 10 Best Beaches in Kenya
Diani Beach – Photo ©

Diani is deservedly the most popular beach in Kenya. Often regarded as the most beautiful Kenyan beach, Diani is located approximately 30 km south of Mombasa city. Famous for its coral-reefs and underwater sandbars, the beach boasts several dhow trips, discos, dive clubs and dolphin tours.

For surfing aficionados, Diani beach is the perfect place to spend your next vacation. Not only does the beach offer calm and relaxing warm swim but also long, lovely intimate night walks with the beauty of clear skies a welcomed distraction.

To add icing on the cake, Kenya’s most popular beach’s proximity to Shimba Hills Nature Reserve gives one a golden opportunity to see elephants and other wild animals before bidding the vacation spot goodbye.

2. Watamu Beach

Best Beaches in Kenya
Watamu Beach Kenya – Photo ©

Located north of Mombasa, Watamu beach boasts soft white sands, clear waters and coral reefs, making it one of the few perfect destinations for an alluringly romantic tropical experience.

Turtle Bay gives one an opportunity to enjoy scuba diving, surfing, sunbathing and snorkeling while the nearby Arabuko Sokoke forest makes a tranquil haven for the bird watchers. Other amazing attractions sites close to Watamu beach include Kipepeo Butterfly Project, Gedi Ruins and Bio-Ken Snake Park.

3. Nyali Beach

Best Beaches in Kenya
Nyali Beach Kenya – Photo ©

Third on our list of the best beaches in Kenya is the infamous Nyali beach. The beach is surrounded by some of the most outstanding beach resorts and spas. The beach offers swimming, sunbathing and surfing among other key recreational activities.

Known to be among the less crowded beaches in Kenya, the beach is close to Kenya’s largest crocodile farm where tourists drop by every day to see for themselves one of the most fascinating wild animals.

4. Shela Bay

List of the Best Beaches in Kenya
Shela Bay – Photo ©

Shela Bay stands out as the best spot to visit within Lamu as it’s known for picturesque views of the clear blue ocean and tranquil ambience of the coastal life. You get to enjoy some of the most delicious local foods on the streets of Lamu after swimming, surfing and sunbathing.

5. Shanzu Beach

Top 10 Best Beaches in Kenya
Shanzu Beach – Photo ©

Located 30km from Mombasa Island en route to Malindi, Shanzu beach is a beautiful vacation spot surrounded by tall coconut palms. It offers some of the most aesthetic views of the adjacent Indian Ocean. Shanzu beach makes a great spot for sunbathing, fishing and swimming along with dozens of leisure activities.

6. Lamu Beaches

Top 10 Best Beaches in Kenya
Lammu Beach Kenya – Photo ©

Lamu is one of the few places with a collection of the most beautiful beaches in Kenya. Among the beaches in Lamu are Manda Bay, Kizingoni beach and Che Shale. Apart from the beaches, Lamu is has several luxurious resorts and spas that aim to make tourists’ vacations a worthwhile adventure.

7. Vipingo Beach

Top 10 Best Beaches in Kenya
Vipingo Ridge – Photo ©

This is for the lovers of solitude and those who prefer to enjoy their romantic time in a secluded and peaceful spot. Vipingo beach is a relatively quiet beach boasting beautiful sands and gleaming clear waters.

Boasting pristine white sand beaches, Vipingo is the perfect place for body boarding, surfing, scuba diving, swimming, windsurfing and snorkeling.

8. Bamburi Beach

Top 10 Best Beaches in Kenya
Bamburi Beach – Photo ©

Located on the North Coast off Mombasa and ranked among the best beaches in Kenya, Bamburi beach boasts calm ocean waters, warm, white sands and great resorts and bars. While at Bamburi beach, one can enjoy swimming, boat riding, taking leisurely walks along the coast and boat riding.

9. Tiwi Beach

Top 10 Best Beaches in Kenya
Tiwi Beach – Photo ©

Located 17 km South of Mombasa and 23km north of Diani Beach is the beautiful, sandy Tiwi beach. It’s one of the best beaches in Kenya known to present nature in its innocent simplicity. Among the things one can do at Tiwi beach include sunbathing, fishing and swimming.

10. Kiwayu Beach

Top 10 Best Beaches in Kenya
Kiwayu Beach – Photo ©

To complete our list of the best beaches in Kenya is the beautiful Kiwayu beach, a secluded beach offering fresh seafood, rustic resorts and delicious local foods. You can have fun snorkelling, swimming and sunbathing. The beach is best suited for couples or lovers who prefer to have some privacy sharing romantic time together.

It’s worth noting that these aren’t the only beaches in Kenya as there are more where Kenyans and tourists alike love to go for some fun-time.