Tips To Help You Enjoy Your Time At A Public Beach

Where there is a lake or sea, there is always a beach open to the public. At least for most if not all the water bodies. Public beaches are very important places because they are free of charge. This means that everyone is allowed to go there and enjoy their time in the ocean and lake, sunbathe, eat and generally have fun. However, with this unlimited accessibility comes disadvantages such as littering, pickpocketing and overcrowding. Nonetheless, you should be able to enjoy your time at the beach at any time and here are some tips on how to do exactly that.

If possible, go on weekdays

Most people are only free to visit the beach on weekends and holidays. At these times the public beach is bound to be flooded with people. The overcrowding can make it quite uncomfortable, especially if you were hoping for some peace and quiet. Therefore, if you happen to be on vacation, visit the public beach on weekdays. You will have a good time with fewer people and other distractions.

Keep your valuables on you

We would advise you not to carry your phone, electronics, watch, jewellery and money with you to the public beach altogether. However, if you must have these things, ensure to keep them on you. Put them in pockets or in a fanny pack that is securely fastened to your waist. Avoid putting them in your luggage back because these can easily get snatched when you are taking a swim or enjoying a nap.

Respect other people

The main feature of the public beach is that it is open to everyone. This means that you have no express rights on anything or anyone unless they are invading your personal space. If you came with a blanket or beach chair or umbrella, make sure to pitch it somewhere that does not make other people comfortable. Do not step on other people’s things or throw sand at them when playing, in case you are in a group.

Clean up after yourself

Once you have enjoyed a great day at the public beach, then make sure to clean up after yourself before leaving. The oceans are getting chocked by plastic and other materials recklessly littered by ignorant tourists. Try to make a difference by collecting your waste and placing them in designated bins. All public beaches should have strategically positioned bins. And in case there are none, then carry them to your hotel or hostel and properly dispose of them.