Tips On Surviving The Kenyan Sun

Apart from a few highland areas such as Limuru and Kinangop, the Kenyan sun rises daily and relentlessly throughout the country. The sunshine can be beautiful especially during its rise and set, or after a period of rain and cold. However, it can also be unforgivably hot, leading to sunburns. The burns come subtly only to later hurt when the scorched skin is peeling off. To be able to avoid this unfortunate fate while still being able to carry out your travel activities in Kenya, here are a few tips.


This is the most basic and obvious solution to avoiding ugly sunburns. There are numerous sunscreen options available in most supermarkets and pharmacies alike. You have the option of either getting an aerosol or lotion. The former option is gaining popularity as it does not leave your pores clogged as lotion does.

Hats, hats, hats

The importance of hats is clearly underrated during travel. Some people think they make them look too touristy while some don’t want to spoil their outfits. But once you are in the Mara plains, the sun shining directly on your face without any hindrance, then the outfit breaking hat will be the only thing you will want. Hats protect both your forehead and eyes from excess sunshine.


This is another obvious item that you should always have on you. Unless you wear antiglare eyeglasses, sunglasses will always be a necessary companion. To watch sunrises and sunsets from the various Kenyan destinations, while going on game drives and even during a picnic in any Kenyan park. You will always have use for them.

Dress light

Unless you are hiking Mount Kenya or visiting the cooler highlands, you will be okay with light clothing in most of Kenya. Avoid wearing dark clothes, which can absorb excess heat which can cause you to suffer from heat strokes. Dress in removable layers as opposed to having just one very heavy piece of cloth.


A great way to keep your body in regulated temperatures is by hydrating. Avoid drinking ice-cold water or beverages in hot days. In as much as it might give you instant relief, it will only end up raising your body temperature. This is because the body has to keep the room temperature and the cold beverages will lower this standard. To raise it back, your body will increase its temperature levels until the standard is reached again. Liquids in room temperature and hot liquids are better therefore when trying to cool off.

Stay away from direct sunlight when necessary

Lastly, always try to be under a shade when walking, picnicking or whenever possible. Standing under the direct sun for long periods can not only cause sunburns but dehydration, dizziness and overheating.

Make sure however to catch the ever magnificent Kenyan sun rises and sets from wherever you are in the country. You will not be disappointed.