Tips On Maximizing Museum Visits In Kenya

Here is a short and precise guide on how to maximize on museum visits in Kenya. There are 20 museums in Kenya, many of which majority of Kenyans don’t even know are museums. The history of museums in Kenya dates back to in 1910 when a museum was established in Nairobi by the then East Africa and Uganda Natural History Society [currently the East African Natural History Society (EANHS)].

Many Museums came up later as there was a need to have museums across the country to preserve our precious history which couldn’t be moved or was just perfect where it was like buildings and places. Museum visits are usually fun and cheap. One needs to know how he/she can maximize the visits to the museum by taking into consideration the following tips.

1.Knowing The Free/Discount Days 

If you’re under budgetary constraints for a spendy museum visit, be sure to research community free days. You should know the free days or discount days when you can walk in without paying a dime or spending less. The International Day of Museums is a perfect day to take advantage of since most museums have free entries like the Nairobi National Museum. During discount days, you can also spend less than you normally do when you visit the museum hence should be taken advantage of. Such Free/discount days are quite a great deal for people with large families and friends or students who can’t afford the museum fee.

2. Always Have a Guide

Ensure that you always have a guide throught your museum tour. Guides make the visit pleasant and one learns alot as opposed to going alone with your family or friends and going through the motions. You probably will understand more, better with a guide. You may have to tip them at the end but it is usually totally worth it.

3. Avoid The Most Crowded Times

Museums sometimes get crowded, especially on holidays and weekends, just like many holiday destinations during peak seasons. You might want to go there during weekdays when free or off-peak when people are not many to get the best out of your visit. When the Museum is not crowded, you can easily get a guide to show you around unlike when it is crowded and you can’t even find enough space to walk around.

4. Plan Well

Plan accordingly on the areas you would like to visit the museum. Planning makes everything easy because museums usually have a lot for one to view and you can’t possibly exhaust everything in a day so you need to plan on what you are going to see. You can use travel websites or museum websites to know which museum has what and then plan accordingly.

5. Don’t stay the entire day

Many people who visit the museums usually say they can’t leave earlier because they haven’t “exhausted” their money. Overstaying even when you have walked for most of the day at the museum from one pre-historic to another can be seriously draining. You won’t even concentrate on what the guide is telling you and it will be a waste of time.

You can also buy the ticket online earlier so that you can save time and money. Buying tickets online saves you the hassle of lining up to pay museum fee. Nairobi National Museum has a provision for one to book his/her ticket online. You can check on that here