Tips on Having a Comfortable Travel Experience with Disability

A famous slogan in Kenya is that disability is not inability. Therefore, at no point should you ever skip on a chance to travel just because you have a disability. That you are reading this post is proof enough that your desire to travel is existent and strong. So we compiled these few tips that should help make your travel experience smooth and comfortable.

Advance preparations

You might have to do some extra work before hopping on a plane and leaving. For starters, you should call your accommodation providers in your destination city ahead of time. This is to alert them of your condition and confirm whether or not they are able to offer you easy accessibility. You should never settle for average services because many hotels are now sensitive to disability clients and are able to effortlessly accommodate you. We advise you to however have proof of promised services so that in case they do not offer them once you are there, you can always take action.

Work with Specialized Travel Agents

Although many people feel like travel agents are conmen, this is not always the case. The advantage of hiring a travel agent’s services is that they will do all the heavy lifting for you. They will be the ones to arrange for your transportation to and from the airport. If you need a wheelchair, you can be sure that they will make sure the vehicle is wheelchair accessible.

Avoid Connecting Flights

Most connecting flights have long waiting periods. That means a higher probability of frequently using the washrooms which can be tiresome. If you have no option, however, you should then let the airlines know about your needs. That way, they might assign an employee to take care of you during the layover. Please note that this is not a guarantee response and not all airlines will be as courteous.

Try Touring

Not to discourage you from exploring your new destination on your own, but, you can try going with a tour group instead. The benefit of joining a tour group is that you will have help throughout the trip. The touring company will also tailor the experience to correctly fit your needs without causing any inconvenience.

Carry Spare Parts

Travelling is always a risky business because damage happens in the most unexpected times. You might need to carry some spare parts for the gadgets you use. Whether it is a cane, a wheelchair, a pacemaker etc. You may end up not using them, but it is always good to be safe than sorry.

Have your Doctor’s Phone Number and Liaise with Local Healthcare

It is our highest hope that your travel experience is nothing short of enjoyable and positively memorable. However, in case of an emergency, you should always have your doctor’s phone number at hand. This will make it easy for you and any healthcare givers to get the right information to help you. You should also ask your doctor for any local connections at your destination. Prior introductions will make you familiar with the new doctor and also give you the assurance that you will be okay even when away from home.