Tips On Enjoying Nightlife In Kenya

When you are new to a country, more so alone, you are probably going to have a lot of reservations about your new surroundings. Whether these fears are shaped by previous experiences or media tales about your new destination is a whole different debate. Considering a first-hand experience in the country’s nightlife can be a difficult decision to make with issues such as safety constantly pestering your thoughts. We have compiled the following list of effective tips from personal and borrowed opinions, hoping they help you make the very best of the Kenyan night scene.


Before actually going out, do a little research on the specific area you are in. Ask the receptionist at the hotel you are staying in or the attendants at the hostel about the city’s party life. Ask about the best and easily accessible clubs, their entry fees if any and the kind of vibe they have. Researching will save you the trouble of having to club hop or finding your way home in the middle of the night.

Go With Someone If Possible

Even if you prefer being a lone wolf, you have nothing to lose by getting someone to go with to the club. Not only will you have someone to talk to all night, you will also have an extra set of muscle if things were to go south.

Plan Transport

Do not walk to the club no matter how adventurous you may feel. Unless it is in the same building you are staying in, always take a cab to the venue. Exchange numbers with the driver so that you can ask them to come for you when it is time to get home.

Stay All Night If Alone

If you did not find someone to go with, or you simply prefer flying solo, then consider staying out all night. Tiresome as this seems, you are safer in the club with hundreds of people than walking the empty streets alone at night. Even if you do call for a cab at night, chances of being attacked are higher than if you waited for dawn. Most clubs will operate until 6a.m when the sun will have begun rising.

Sit At The Bar And Make Friends With Bartender Or Bouncer

The club’s staff are meant to give customers excellent customer care and that includes making them feel comfortable. Making the bartender or bouncer your friend will give them the obligation to check up on you frequently That alone is enough to give you peace. It also means you should sit at the bar so that the bartender is able to keep an eye on you.

Watch Your Drink

Just because you are alone and new does not mean you should not have fun. On the contrary, this is the best time for you to let loose and dance the night away. But while doing so, make sure you either empty your glass before hitting the dance floor or carry it with you. Never drink from a glass you left open to avoid getting roofied. In fact, if you can opt for bottled or canned drinks for easier portability and monitoring.

Stay Alert

The worst thing you can do is drink yourself to a blackout in a new place. You might end up robbed or worse. Even if you are with a group of friends, avoid getting too drunk in a Kenyan club. You can instead opt to carry your drinks and finish the party where you are staying. That way, no one will take advantage of you.

Carry Essentials Only

This cannot be emphasized enough. When going to a club in Kenya carry only what you need. In fact, if you can fit all that in your pockets instead of carrying a bag, it will be easier. Have your phone, and money and medication if needed.

Keep Your Phone

If it wasn’t for the need for fast communication, you should not even need your phone. However, since you need to call the cab driver and have a way of communicating with other people if you are meeting up with friends, then keep your phone charged. It will keep you from being stranded.

Let Someone Know Where You Are

If you are staying at a hostel or hotel or with a group of friends, let at least one person know where you are. That way they will keep checking up on you and will be able to help if the need arises.

Trust Your Instincts

Above everything, listen to your gut about people and situations during your nightlife experience in Kenya. While trusting strangers is risky and difficult, you might end up meeting people who will make the rest of your stay great. Keep an open mind, be ready to have fun, but when your instincts tell you to flee, then do so by all means.