Tips For a Perfect Picnic In Kenya

Picnics are a good way of unwinding and catching up with family and friends. They come in all shapes and sizes where you can go for a picnic in a grass pasture, a park, an urban rooftop picnic or even a beach.

But what do you need to do to have that perfect picnic? well, not much. Here are some of the few tips for that perfect picnic in Kenya.

1. Ensure You Pack Everything you Will Need

Make sure you’re fully equipped for your adventure and carry just everything you will need for the picnic. Don’t overload yourself though. Carry stuff like bottled water, glassware, tablecloth, sunscreen, trash bag, outdoor dinnerware and much other essential stuff you must carry for a picnic. You can start packing earlier while cross-checking from a packing list to avoid leaving anything out which might ruin your picnic.

2. Pick The Perfect Spot
Pick just the right place for your picnic which is both quiet, beautiful and relaxing. If you are going as a group, involve the rest of the group in deciding where you guys will go for the picnic. Be sure to state out what everybody must and must not carry so that the picnic site cannot look like a small dumping site.

3. Have your Best Time

If it was a romantic picnic, don’t carry lots and lots of baggage or even think of coming with your kids if you have one. Just take this moment to have the best time of your lives and for a short time leave everything else behind.

4. Keep It Simple

Make sure you have packed all the essentials for the picnic without being fussy. Don’t make the picnic look like a three-day camping site, just be simple with your setup.

5. Avoid Carrying Creamy and Fragile Stuff

Picnics mostly happen in the wild, say a park which in most cases is abundant with flowers and that means insects will be in plenty. Insects will be a nuisance if you have creamy stuff like cakes hence the need to avoid carrying them for picnics. Fragile stuff should not also be carried. You are going to have your best time not to take care of stuff not to break.