This Is Why You Should Not Feed Wild Animals

Most Kenyan National Parks have large signs warning the visitors from feeding the animals in any way. Apart from the giraffe centre and other few facilities, feeding the wild animals is highly prohibited. But have you ever wondered why? Here are a few reasons why feeding wild animals is highly discouraged.

Safety Reasons

Feeding wild animals exposes the animals and you to potential danger. For example, when feeding the animal straight from your hand, the animal can easily bite you. Wild animals, especially carnivores might get aggressive when agitated. So if they happen to be too hungry and you do not have enough for them, they might end up attacking you.

To Preserve Wild Instincts

Wild animals like every other creature can easily learn and adapt. Therefore, when they realize they can easily find food from human beings, their instincts for hunting and gathering will be destroyed. Disturbing the ecosystem balance can lead to the extinction of some species and overpopulation of others which will only result in chaos.

Dietary Restrictions

Most human foods are synthetic and highly processed. Wild animals, on the other hand, are only used to raw and non-manipulated foods. Feeding wild animals human food may result in digestive complications. It can also lead to food poisoning, which in extreme cases may result in animal deaths.

Environmental Conservation

Feeding wild animals can result in environmental pollution. For example, most human foods are wrapped in plastic and other dangerous material. When feeding the wild animals, the wrappers might end up getting dumped. This not only leads to pollution, but it also puts the wild animals at risk of ingesting materials that their bodies cannot process. Feeding water animals such as fish and birds might lead to the pollution and contamination of water bodies, which can cause animal deaths when unchecked.

Habitat Preservation

Wildlife is meant to stay in the wild as it is their natural way of life. If we were to feed wild animals constantly, they might end up losing their fear for man thereby stepping into the civil world. While it is possible to coexist, the industrial world is not ideal for wild animals. As earlier mentioned, the cross of habitats might lead to the destruction of several species.

Health Reasons

Wild animals carry pests and diseases that can easily kill a human being. When feeding the animals, these pests and diseases can easily be transferred, leading to illness. To avoid this, you are required to not feed the animals or come into close contact with them unless otherwise instructed.