Things Tourists Must Consider When Hiring A Car In Kenya

For travellers aiming to stay long in Kenya, it might get a bit hectic to rely on public transportation especially when these means do not get you to the exact point you want to be. Most long-term travellers choose instead to hire a car and drive themselves around. This is not only a convenient option but it also allows one to get to know Kenya a bit better. Below are a few things to consider before renting a car.

Your Budget

The amount of money you are willing to spend on transport only will greatly determine your choice for car renting. Renting a car for a day or two can be very affordable but when you are thinking about a month and over, then it can get a bit expensive. You might find it cheaper to use mobile cabs such as Uber and Taxify instead. However, if you need a car for long-distance travel and over a short time then renting one might be the best option.

Your Car Needs

If you are planning to go on safari or a road trip around Kenya, then you will need a big, stable, 4-wheel drive car. This is thanks to the various rough roads you are going to encounter in places like Western Kenya, Northern Kenya and most rural areas. However, if you need a car just to take you around Nairobi or the town you will be staying in, then a smaller, less consuming car will be ideal.

Presence of Children

If you have children, then you cannot get a rental two-seater vehicle because they too have to have space. A minivan or other spacious SUV with baby seat options might be the best car to get. But if you are alone or with one other adult then your car choices are much more open.

Car Features

Most travellers prefer cars with many features such as GPS, Bluetooth enablement and voice recognition. Most Kenyan cars might not have these features so you might be forced to do some shopping around before getting the best car for you. Make sure you test all these features before signing the rental agreement to avoid liability and future disappointments.