Things To Know Before Visiting The Maasai Ostrich Farm

Located in the Town of Kitengela, just 45 kilometres from Nairobi CBD, is this Ostrich Farm, the largest commercial farm in Kenya and East Africa with its rival only in South Africa. Visiting the farm is a day’s activity due to lack of accommodation sites. However, you will be more than glad you went because it has so much to offer. Here is more information for a visit.

Ostrich Tour

The main thing the Ostrich Farm has to offer is the Ostriches themselves. Boasting over 1000 individuals, the farm allows you close and personal contact with the Ostriches. See if you will be able to spot the difference between the Maasai and Somali Ostrich with red and blue necks respectively. You will also be able to see the Ostriches in their different ages and learn important ostrich facts. For example, did you know that the Ostrich has two toes per leg? Or that it is the largest bird? That it is flightless and it has the brain the size of a chicken’s egg? These and more facts are readily available from the various staff in the 250-acre farm.

Ostrich Ride

A tourist loved activity, ostrich rides are enjoyed especially by family visitors. The ostriches are trained to carry people, but you have to be ready and courageous enough to get atop the over 6ft birds. Sometimes ostrich races are also planned especially on Sundays where you can meet other travellers and locals in the crowds.

Ostrich Meat

If you are a foodie, or you have a taste for exotic flavours, then maybe eating ostrich meat will make your visit worth the while. An interesting fact about this is that only ostrich thighs are available for consumption since the birds do not have breast meat. Being limited game meat, the food does not go for less than 1000 Kenyan shillings.

Ostrich Products

Since only the thighs are eaten, the rest of the bird materials are put to various uses. Ostrich skin is believed to be one of the highest quality source of leather. With products like belts, bags and shoes, ostrich skin products are available in the curio and other shops on the farm. The feathers are used to make cleaning products, ornaments and regalia alike.

Other Activities

The farm has a swimming pool that allows its visitors to chill and reminisce on the day passed. It is a family-friendly pool so your children can also enjoy the experience. Besides, there is also a fully equipped kid’s playground, which is sufficient if your child does not enjoy swimming.

The farm also has nice, quiet and beautiful picnic grounds where you can go and rest after paying the 300 Kenyan shillings gate entrance fees.

The grounds are also available for other activities including group travel activities, team building activities and even weddings.