Things To Do When Exploring Elementaita

Overflowing with natural beauty, Elementaita is a must-visit or should be on your bucket list on places you will visit next year.

The list of things you can do in Elementaita is seemingly endless. Here is a list of essential things to do when exploring the beautiful Elementaita.

1.Swim at Kikopey Springs

At the southern end of Lake Elementaita is the Kekopey hot springs. There is no need to spend on saunas and jacuzzis during your trip when you have a natural one at Kekopey. Enjoy a warm bath and later bask in the sun. The water here has high concentrations of carbonates, chlorides and sulphates in the spring which is good for the health.

2. Quad biking

Enjoy traversing the lakeside on a quad bike from Sirville lodges which is located on the shoreline of Lake Elementaita. You can test your driving/riding skills on the shores of the lake by cruising down the natural terrain.

3.Game Drives at Soysambu Conservancy

If you want to further explore the conservancy, then a game drive will do better. You can access places you could not have accesses with a bike.

4. Lemon Valley Farm Estate Farm Experience 

This farm has some of the most charming cabins you will ever find with various accommodations which are more than affordable. While at the farm, you can enjoy horse riding and even gardening.

5. Bird Watching

Elementaita is a bird’s haven. With over 450 bird species including pelicans, flamingos and even Marabou storks, this is a heaven for bird lovers. During the migration period, more than a million birds flock here so you should plan your visit around the time of migration if you want to have a perfect view of the many species available.

6. Camping

With breathtaking views, a perfect location and unbeatable prices, camping by the shores of Lake Elementaita is a must-do. Most campsites here are affordable and offer various accommodation options which can suit you and your friends or family. You can camp for as low as Ksh700 in Elementaita.

7. Biking at Soysambu

You can take a bicycle and cyle into Soysambu conservancy. You will enjoy uninterrupted views of the expansive conservancy against the wind as you pedal at your pace towards the sunset.

8. Shoreline Nature Walk

Nature walks are the perfect way to drown your busy past days. Being absorbed by nature, in the quiet lull of the lake and against its gentle breeze is appealing. While taking a nature walk, you will see flamingos feeding in the lake. The surrounding is serene and amazingly beautiful you can relax for a minute and savour the beauty of nature.