Things To Do At The Stunning Mumoni Hills

The Mumoni hill is located in Kitui County approximately 64 kilometres from Mwingi County. It is described as inselberg, which is a geographical terms for a hill, rock or mountain that spontaneously or randomly rises from an otherwise low lying land. Inselbergs are especially common in East and South Africa. Here are some of the things to do at Muooni Hill.

Bird watching

The Mumoni Hill forms part of the larger Mumoni Hill Forest Reserve. The hill is marked as an important bird area thanks to the 200+ bird species present. Most of these birds are migratory and often shift between the hill, Tsavo and the Kenyan Coast. Being an IBA, the Mumoni Hill is a great destination for bird watchers and bird photographers.


The Mumoni Hill is open for hiking expeditions where you will get to see the amazing view of Kitui County and its surrounding. From the higher parts of the hill, you can see several other inselbergs that litter the Kitui desert lands.

Nature Trails

Walking through the already carved out nature trails of Mumoni Hill will allow you see the 300+ species of plant life. Among these is the famous loliondo plant, which previously took Kenya by storm as a medicinal plant that can cure all existing diseases. You can also see different types of wildlife including hedgehogs, snakes and hyraxes.

Visit Ikoo Valley

Ikoo Valley is a depression that forms due to rock movements around the area. The valley stretches over 20 kilometres. Ikoo Valley is described as one of the most scenic and beautiful spots of Kitui County because of its rich plant life and geographical features. The Ikoo River also flows in a part of the valley quietly disappearing into a basin at the end of the valley. Ikoo Valley is amazing for photography and photo trails.

Explore Mau Mau Caves

He Mumoni Hill has a Mau Mau cave that is among the list of hideouts the Mau Mau militia used to escape the British Colonialists. Although most of these caves have now been raided, exploring them still gives you a more personal relation to the struggle of independence. You will also be able to see the bats that have made the caves their home and other beautiful rocks and rock features.