Things To Do At Sirikoi Lodge

Sirikoi Lodge located in an exceptional place surrounded by 68,000 acres of the pure wilderness of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Days on safari at Sirikoi are as action-packed or as rejuvenating as desired, and Sirikoi offers a range of unique
and exciting additional activities through which to experience and explore the wilderness and wildlife.

Here is what to do at Sirikoi Lodge

1. Ngare Ndare Forest Visit

Ngare Ndare Forest on the boundary of Lewa offers a complete contrast to the wide-open plains of the
conservancy and is a favourite activity among people visiting Sirikoi. You have an option to take lunch to the forest and feast on the deck. You get to enjoy hikes and diving into clear pools in the forest.

2. Horse Riding

You can ride a horse in Lewa Conservancy and on Borana Conservancy at close range with zebras and giraffes. Amateur riders get to ride with an expert ride from the lodge

There is also the option to ride camels on Lewa.

3. Il Ngwesi Cultural Visit

Ngwesi community visit is a good opportunity for one to learn about the customs, daily lives and culture of the Maasai in Laikipia. You can have a picnic lunch while there.

4. Visit The Mathews Range and Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

Reteti Elephant Sanctuary is found in the remote Mathews Range Mountains, among the second-largest elephant populations in Kenya. It is the first community owned and run elephant sanctuary in the world. The orphanage
rescues and takes in abandoned elephant calves with the aim to raise them and release them back into the wild herds adjoining the Sanctuary. You can enjoy a scenic helicopter flight over Samburu to visit the sanctuary.

5. Quad Biking

You can enjoy quad biking in Ngare Ndare forest which is nearby. Sirikoi Travel vehicles will take you to Ngare Ndare where you will then have fun riding the quad bikes and later swim in the pools in the forest. You can then have lunch before leaving or staying until evening.

6. Helicopter Excursions

There are three helicopter excursions available, with each taking you through an immersive breathtaking scenery like no other. Each helicopter excursion has a maximum of five people. It is best if you booked as friends or family and in advance. You can visit Mount Kenya and fly over the snow-tipped peaks, fly over lakes with flamingoes, desert sand dunes,and even Lake Turkana.