Things To Do At Saruni Rhino Camp

Saruni Rhino is a camp in Kenya’s wild North in Sera Community Conservancy, 350,000 hectares of unspoiled wilderness. This camp has three bandas with thatched roofs and canvas roll-down windows.

How To Get There

You can drive or fly to and from Saruni Rhino. Driving from Nairobi takes approximately 7-9 hours. Kalama Airstrip
is one and a half hours away from the lodge and there are daily scheduled flights from Air Kenya and Safarilink into Kalama. Alternatively, charter flights can fly to Kauro airstrip a mere 5 minutes from Saruni Rhino.

Things To Do

1.Black Rhino Tracking

Ensure that you go for black rhino tracking on foot inside the rhino sanctuary. You will see elephants.

2. Game Drives

You have either the expansive  Sera conservancy or the rhino sanctuary itself to go for a game drive and have an undisputed view of the wild and what it holds.

3. Bird Watching

Watch as thousands of sand grouse swoop to take water from the borehole in the most spectacular way.

4. Take a Dip at The Infinity Pool

Relax by taking a dip at the infinity pool at the facility and cool off after a long day wandering in the expansive wilderness of Saruni.

5. Bush Walks

You can organize with your guide for a guided bush walk in Saruni Rhino Camp.

6. Enjoy Sundowners

You can have a drink as you `watch the sun sink reluctantly over the horizon. After that, a bonfire can be lit to warm up before retiring to your banda.

7. Enjoy Bush Meals

If you fancy bush meals, then the camp can arrange for bush breakfasts along the dry river bed and even starlit dinner under the vast clear skies

8. Visit Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

You can also visit this elephant sanctuary which provides protection for abandoned or orphaned elephant calves with an aim to release them to the wild when they are mature enough. You will pay an extra fee for this and are also required to book in advance.

9. Helicopter Excursions

If you still feel that your pocket is loaded, you can go for helicopter and bi-plane excursions and enjoy the view over the camp and the surrounding areas. This one also needs advance booking and you will have to pay an extra fee for it.

Contact: 0735 950 903