Things To Do At Saruni Mara Camp

Saruni Mara Camp is tucked away in a secluded valley in Mara North Conservancy – a private and exclusive 74,000-acre wildlife concession bordering the Masai Mara National Reserve, the world’s most naturally rich wilderness.

Here, one gets to encounter abundant wildlife in pure privacy and seclusion.

Here is what to do while at Saruni Mara Camp.

1. Guided Bush Walks

Make sure you go for guided bush walks with an armed guide where you will get to have a close-up encounter with the wild.  Guided bush walks are not charged.

2. Day and Night Guided Game Drives

If you want to go deeper into the conservancy, then a game drive will do. Arrange for a game drive during the day or at night and explore the conservancy in detail.

3. Birdwatching

There are many species of birds within the conservancy and the camp. Your guide can help you to identify the different species of birds available.

4. Stargazing

The skies are usually very clear at Saruni Mara Camp. You can lay down on an outdoor bed and gaze at the stars in the sky and drown in your imaginations.

5. Try The Maasai Wellbeing Space Massages

Make sure that you try out the Maasai Wellbeing space massages and Spa treatments at the camp. You will pay extra for these services.

6. Visit  the Olchorro  Rhino Sanctuary

Ol Choro Oiroua Conservancy covers 17,000 acres of a group ranch in the northeast section of Masai Mara wilderness. It is not far from Saruni Mara Camp. Visit it too see rhinos and learn about their protection. You will pay extra to visit this sanctuary.

7. Hot-Air Balloons Flights

You can request for an hot-air balloon flight across the Mara and savour the superb plains scenery from above.

8. The Great Mara Migration

If you want to experience this, then you have to plan your visit around the migration period. You will pay the national reserve fees and an extra from Saruni to the site.

9. Enjoy Bush meals and Sundowners

A visit to the Saruni Mara is not complete without enjoying a bush meal and sundowners as you watch the sun reluctantly set to the horizon.