Things To Do At Oloolua Forest: The City Jungle

Nairobi is often discredited as being a concrete jungle, without any ties to Mother Nature. Although it is a highly urbanized location, there are a few natural gems left around the city and Oloolua is one of those. Considered part of the larger Ngong Forest, Oloolua is a 618-hectare indigenous tree sanctuary that is home to numerous wildlife including small antelopes and occasional hyenas. Here are a few things you can do when you visit this jungle in the city.

 Yoga and Meditation

If you enjoy being one with nature as you meditate, then Oloolua Forest is perfect for you. With tall green trees, a soft breeze blowing on your face, birds calling and the rustling leaves, you can easily and hastily achieve inner peace. You are also not going to bump into many people so mark distraction off your list.


Who doesn’t like discovering a nice, picturesque picnic site every once in a while? Oloolua has great spots that can hold either only you or a group of family and friends for a nice picnic. Picnics give people the chance to disconnect from daily routine and bond better on a personal level. Just make sure you clean up after yourselves after the picnic, to save the forest from pollution.

Wildlife photography

Oloolua has breath-taking scenery, ones that only wildlife lovers and photographers can truly appreciate. As earlier mentioned, Oloolua hosts a variety of wildlife. From tiny bugs to large leopards (counted). The trees, bushes, wildflowers and undergrowth too, offer beautiful backdrops to self or general photos. And did we mention there is a waterfall?


Oloolua forest has a 33ft long cave that is believed to have been used by the Mau Mau as a hideout spot during the colonization era. The cave is now home to bats and other wildlife but is open to those that would like to explore and walk down memory lane. Make sure to carry a flashlight with you because some parts of the cave can get very dark. You can also enjoy hikes, a trip to the waterfall and just a nature walk through the forest.


Bike riders, joggers, walkers and anyone who likes a natural environment to get their health on should visit Oloolua Forest. The fresh air rushing into your lungs is bound to make your exercise experience wonderful. You might even end up making it a daily destination for your wellness.

Oloolua charges a $1 fee for entrance per person. Let us know how your visit to this magical place went.