Things To Do At Ngare Ndare Forest

Ngare Ndare Forest is a lush indigenous forest at the foothills of Mt. Kenya. Azure pools glisten at the bottom of waterfalls and 200-year-old trees stretch into the canopy supporting a rich variety of bird and animal life. The forest is a vital corridor that links the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to Mount Kenya, and one which elephants have been using for centuries.

The Ngare Ndare forest is a very critical corridor for the elephants and other wildlife. It links Mount Kenya, Lewa, Laikipia and Samburu. It’s a wildlife refuge because it has water; it is also the water tower for Lewa and Isiolo. From here, the streams flow into the Ewaso Nyiro, which drains into the Lorian Swamp.

The forest is alluring and worth paying a visit one fine weekend. Here is what you should do while at Ngare Ndare Forest.

1.Tree Canopy Walk

This is maybe the most interesting thing you can do in this forest. The canopy walkway is a 40 ft. high aerial bridge of wire mesh and cables meandering through the tree canopy and extending 450 metres long. The walkway ends at a wooden platform 30ft. high, where you can relax and enjoy a view of the river from this elevated vantage point. Elephants and buffaloes frequently come here to drink, and one can enjoy a drink or a meal at the lofty leafy deck.2. Go For Game Drives

You can go for game drives in the forest and have spectacular views of the wild animals as they graze by.


3. Forest Camping

If you are a camping enthusiast, then forest camping in Ngare Ndare is your thing. There are two campsites that are sited near flowing water where guests can enjoy camping out in the wilds of the forest. The campsite is equipped with clean running water, a toilet and a bathroom complete with well-trained guides who can take you on informative and fun-filled camping. You must also be accompanied by an armed ranger.


4. Bird Watching

Ngare Ndare forest hosts a huge number of bird species. With the help of their trained guides, you can easily spot various birds within the forest.5. Canyoning

Canyoning is associated with technical descents that require rappels and ropes and even technical jumps or even swims to accomplish. Ngare has the best canyon site in Kenya which if you visit, you should try it out. 6. Go For a Walk in The Forest

Forest walks are therapeutic and refreshing. You get to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of other things and connect with the vast wilderness around you, the chirping of birds, roaring sound of the waterfall and even the gentle breeze of wind. 7. Rock Climbing

The Ngare Ndare forest has some minor grade rock climbing sites and abseiling walls for the experienced adventurer.8. Go For a Swim at The Waterfall

Finally, take a refreshing dip in the Ngare Ndare Waterfall. The water is cold but worth every moment. Enjoy breathtaking views of the waterfall as you swim lazily below the fall.