Things To Do At Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is an exclusive safari destination and an award-winning model for community conservation. It is a fort for the endangered Black Rhino and it offers a variety of alternative safari activities.

Here is a list of things to do while at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

1. Enjoy Horseback/Camel Safaris

Enjoy horseback or camel safaris taking you through the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy with its abundant wildlife and their habitat is surely an experience of a lifetime. Comfortable camping facilities, excellent cuisine and experienced guides will ensure your wellbeing on your safari.

2. Scale Up Mt. Kenya

Climb Mt. Kenya and visit Lake Rutundu on Mt. Kenya for a fly-fishing excursion and stay at the rustic and private Rutundu log cabin where Prince William proposed to Princess Kate Middleton.

3. Day Trips To Ngare Ndare

Go for day trips to the adjoining Ngare Ndare forest to look for elusive colobus monkey population and to learn about the indigenous flora and its local uses. The shimmering blue pools and the only canopy walk in East Africa should also impress.

4. Biplane Flying Excursions

Lewa Wilderness hosts and flies the only open cockpit biplane in East Africa which will take you around the conservation areas of Northern Kenya. It is a truly magical experience.

5. Educational Tours on Conservancy

You can go for an educational tour on the history and day-to-day operations at the conservancy which will include visiting a pre-historic archaeological site, a local school, a water project or feeding a baby rhino.

6. Helicopter Rides to Mt. Ololokwe

You can book an early morning flight to Mt. Ololokwe for breakfast and back. This is best when you are on a honeymoon or a date with your loved one.

7. Game Drives

To have a more detailed tour of the conservancy, be sure to go out for a game drive whether during the day or at night.