Things To Do At Lake Baringo’s Samatian Island

Samatian Island is a small private island on Lake Baringo. It offers just the perfect secluded getaway one badly needs. This island offers spectacular views of the Laikipia Escarpment, beautiful sunsets and a spectacular array of sunsets.

You can choose to stay on open-plan thatched rooms which are ensuite or the family rooms if you visited with your family. Here are some of the things to do while at Lake Baringo’s Samatian Island.


Take a rod and try your luck at fishing. Barbless hooks are used here because most of the fish caught are usually too tiny so you will be compelled to return then back into the lake and give them a chance to survive to adulthood.

2. Canoe Around The Island

With the availability of several kayaks, you can get to circle the island and know its ‘surrounding’. Life Jackets are also provided but it is important if you carry water with you and maybe a sunscreen.

3. Enjoy a Samation Boat Excursion

You can enjoy scenic boat trips and view the teeming birdlife of Baringo and other animals like hippos and crocodiles. It is during such boat excursions that you get views of eagles swooping down to pick fish from the lake. Boat charges apply here.

4. Njemps Village Excursion

Visit a nearby Njemps village on the shores of Lake Baringo and experience their fascinating culture.

5. Visit Giraffe Island

Get a boat transfer to Girrafe island and you will be guided to see six of the endangered Rothchild’s (formally known as Baringo giraffe), ostrich, warthogs, impalas & hyrax. Conservation fee is Ksh 500 per person and boat transfer is paid separately.

6. Nature Walk In Ruko Conservancy

The nearby Ruko Conservancy will feed your eyes with extraordinary bird and plant-life. You will be surrounded by stunning views so carrying a camera with you and binoculars will e a good idea. You should also wear shoes which you are comfortable in because you may walk for long distances.

7. Cap It All With a Beach Sundowner

You can arrange for a sundowner at the beach where you can have a drink as you watch the sun sink reluctantly over the horizon. After that, a bonfire can be lit to warm up before retiring to your room.