Things To Do At Island Camp Baringo

Located at the narrowest part of the Great Rift Valley and surrounded by the Tugen Hills volcanic range (El Gaylo) on the west and the Laikipia Escarpment, Island Camp Baringo in Lake Baringo is one of the best getaway locations in Kenya.

The camp is the second oldest tented camp in Kenya on the southern end of Ol Kokwe Island. This famous island is in the middle of Lake Baringo.  You can enjoy bird watching and nature walks at the camp and even boat excursions.

Here are things to do at Island Lodge Baringo.

1. Go For Nature Walk

Take a walk in the cliffs to the west of the lake, passing through traditional bomas, and search for scorpions and snakes under the rocks. A guide may send a spotter ahead to identify the spots where these creatures hide.

2. Boat Excursions

Go for boat excursions at Lake Baringo. A dawn boat ride around Ol Kokwe and Rock of Gibraltar with an experienced bird and animal guide who can call and feed the fish eagles for an hour will help you see an array of birdlife. You will see small crocodiles swimming lazily around the boat with hippos basking close to the shore. A one-hour boat excursion will cost you Ksh 3,000.

3. Bird Watching Nature Walks

Enjoy an easy walk around the resort grounds with an experienced bird watcher. About one and a half hours.

4. Plan For An Excursion To Lake Bogoria To Watch Flamingos

Excursions to Lake Bogoria take around 4 hours and are better off if you have your own transport. The camp packs lunch and breakfast for your excursion. Hot springs are about an hour from the gate. Entrance fee for residents is Ksh 1000 while citizens pay Ksh 300.

5. Giraffes Nature Walk

To have a view of giraffes, there is a tiny island within Ruko Conservancy in Lake Baringo that has giraffes in close quarters. There is insufficient vegetation on the island to sustain these giraffes so rangers supplement their diet with pellets.

6. Lunch At Island Camp

While at Island Camp Baringo, you can have a simple but precious lunch which is only done through prior arrangements only. Lunch is around Ksh 3000 only.

7. Sundowners
Island Camp Baringo can arrange sundowners on the lake by boat, on the Rock of Gibraltar or at the Lookout point down from the swimming pool. Alternatively, you can just sit and watch the sunset at the swimming or the bar area.

Telephone: +254 (0) 724 874 661  or  +254 (0) 728 478 638