Taking Care Of Your Sunglasses During Travel

Unless you are travelling to a country in its winter season, sunglasses are always a necessity. You will need them for watching sunsets and sunrises, going on hot air balloons, sunbathing, game drives, bird watching, picnicking or just when enjoying a stroll in a new city. Although sunglasses can be replaced easily, some have sentimental value. Even when they do not, it never hurts being careful with our possessions. Below is a list of tips on how to take care of your goggles during travel.

Case over pocket

Shoving things into our highly capable pockets always seems like an easier way of carrying with us as many things as possible, but in a less bulky way. True as that might be, sunglasses do not do well in pockets. They are vulnerable to a range of damaging actions; from being sat on thus breaking, to having their lenses scratched by the pocket’s fabric. Keeping them in a case designed for them protects them from the foregoing destruction. You can even then put them in your pockets, once they are safely in the case.

Hanging lace over collar placement

We bet that we are not the only ones who, without a second thought, place our sunglasses by one of their handles in the inside of our collars. If you are forgetful, clumsy, or have other things going on with your hands, you can attest that most times, the sunglasses on the collar easily fall and/or get crushed. However, when you have goggles with a hanging lace attached to them, keeping them safe is easier. They will not easily fall and they will be more visible so accidentally crushing them is a slim chance. It may seem old fashioned but it is such a life-saving hack.

Keep them clean

There is nothing quite as annoying as wearing your sunglasses and having a film of dirt fogging your vision. Keeping your sunglasses clean ensures you get an undisrupted vision in addition to giving your sunglasses a longer lifespan. One common way sunglasses pick up dirt is when you place them on top of your head where they pick oil and dirt. Wiping them with dirty clothes also affects their clarity and sometimes promotes scratch formation on the lenses.

Do not play with them

Sunglasses are more than their lenses. The handles, nose and frame are important parts of the whole package as well. There is, therefore, no point in keeping the lenses safe while being reckless with the other parts. To avoid destroying the handles and frame, avoid playing with them. This includes expanding the handles, biting on them, bending and pulling on them.

Keep them cool when not in use

If you are not using your sunglasses, store them in a cool place such as inside a drawer, in the bag while in its right case or in your car’s glove compartment. Do not leave the sunglasses exposed to direct sunlight as the constant expansion and contraction can lead to a distortion in frame fit and lens effectiveness.