Taking Care Of Your Earphones When Travelling

Few things that are essential for travel apart from your passport and money and earphones are one of them. Not only do they offer us personalized entertainment, but they also keep us company when we are in foreign lands, not having made any friends yet. As such, taking care of them is necessary. Being somewhat fragile, here are a few tips on how to take care of your earphones during travel.

When not in use keep them cased

One major enemy to earphones is getting tangled when they are thrown into a pocket with other things. The process of detangling them leads to gradual spoiling of the instruments due to the pulling and loosening of the wires within. However, when they are kept in a special case or pouch, they will not get tangled or knotted. Their life span increases as opposed to if they would have been left open.

Keep the output device close

The wires in an earphone piece are not too strong and will, therefore, start tearing when a lot of tension is applied to them. If you are on a bus, airplane, train or vehicle, keep the device attached to the earphones close. For example, when seated avoid keeping the device in the back pocket of your pants. The longer the distance, the more the tension thus the more chances of your earphones getting spoilt during your trip.

Keep drinks at arm’s length

Once an earpiece gets into water or any other liquid, the reception is destroyed and you will be left with one-sided earphones. When travelling, liquid spillage is common and sometimes unavoidable. So avoid drinking when using your earphones. Alternatively, if you must drink, make sure the liquid is in a container with a small opening or a straw.

Store them when sleeping

While listening to music can be soothing when travelling, try as much as you can not fall asleep with the earphones around your neck. Not only can they be a choking hazard, but they can also get unnecessarily pulled at leading to their destruction.

Avoid idle hands

You might be seated at the airport waiting for a connecting flight or on a bus to an entirely new destination. Either way, travelling can be an anxious activity and you may find yourself unconsciously doing things like biting your fingernails, stamping your feet or playing with your earphones. While it seems harmless, you will be shocked to learn that most of the earphone dysfunctions are caused by us and not by the quality of them. When you find yourself looking for something to hold or play with, go for an item that cannot easily be destroyed such as a book, a rock, keys etc.