Takawiri Island: The Hidden Gem On Lake Victoria

The Lake Victoria, named after the then Queen of England, is the largest freshwater lake in Africa with its waters shared by three countries; Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Naturally, such a large body of water is bound to have several islands in its borders. Lake Victoria is no exception. However, with more than a dozen islands, none compares to the beautiful Takawiri Island.

Getting There

Before we unveil this beautiful treasure, we shall tell you about how to get there. Located in Mbita Point Homa bay County, you can get to Takawiri Island by road or boat. By boat, if you are on any of the other islands on Lake Victoria. From Rusinga Island, Takawiri is an hour away by boat.

What is Takawiri Island

The island is different from the rest because of its unique physical features. For starters, the Takawiri Island has white sandy beaches, a feature only seen on Indian Ocean beaches. The sands are greatly complemented by tall palm trees that greatly compensate for the usual heat in the Nyanza region. The waters of the lake neighbouring Takawiri appear to be a clear blue, something that is greatly unique for Lake Victoria since the hyacinth invasion. And to top it all off, the island is just the place for bird watching with many water and land birds calmly inhabiting the space.

The story behind its Establishment

On Takawiri Island is a resort called Takawiri Island Resort. This is a privately owned property that is probably the reason why the Island is slowly gaining recognition. The owner is a British woman who bought the island in memory of her late husband. The story goes that he proposed to her on this island and so she took it as a memoir of their love.

Available Facilities

It being private property, every individual is required to pay Ksh 500 as entrance fee. Once inside, you can choose to simply have a picnic by the shores of the lake, sunbathe, swim, bird watch, take photos, read a book etc. The Resort has a restaurant that serves different dishes including freshly fished fish that you cannot possibly miss. There is accommodation for those that would like to spend a night or two with the prices offered on booking.

Takawiri Island is a fresh and welcome difference from the usual Lake Victoria island scenes. It is the perfect place to get a balance between civilization and escape from the urban world. Its affordable rates make it all the more enticing and worth checking out.