Swimming Pool Etiquette to Carry With You Through Travel

Most often than not, the place you choose for accommodation during your trip will have a swimming pool. If not, the pool can even be a natural pool you discovered as you travelled. Whichever the case, there are some rules and tips that if you follow will guarantee an enjoyable swimming experience for you and other swimmers. Here is a brief outline.

Correct swimming costume

Most swimming pools, if not all, require you to be incorrect swimming attire. Swimming costumes are sold in most sports shops, boutiques, supermarkets and general clothes stores worldwide. Make sure the costume fits you well to avoid being undressed when in water. Correct swimming gear also allows you to enjoy the swimming. Swimming in the nude is often prohibited.

Swimming cap

This is not a mandatory rule. However, if you happen to have greasy hair or a medical condition within your scalp, you are recommended to wear a swimming cap. This will keep you from getting hurt in any way by the water. You will also be containing the condition in the event that it is contagious.

Safe storage for belongings

Since you won’t be going into the water with your items, make sure you store them safely. Some swimming pools offer lockers for the users. If this is not an option, you can leave your things checked in at the reception where you are sure they will be safe.

Shower before swimming

Most people skip this part out of ignorance or assumption. Taking a quick cold shower not only washes away any loose dirt, it also acclimatizes you to the temperatures of the swimming pool. Your body will thus not get into shock from the sudden change of temperature.

Do not litter

This should go without saying; do not litter in or around the swimming pool. Whether you are having a quick snack, or you have trash you need to get rid of, do not throw them into the pool water. It is neither safe nor kind considering many other people use the pool.

Use the bathroom first

Follow this rule especially when you are swimming with children. Most people think it is okay to take a leak in the swimming pool because no one will notice and because the water is treated. However, it is highly unhygienic considering some of this water will end up in your body through the eyes, mouth, ears etc.


Swimming is supposed to be an exercising and fun activity. Therefore, make sure you enjoy yourself while doing so. If you are a beginner, make sure you take safety measures such as having a floating tube, staying close to the walls and alerting a lifesaver to watch out for you.