Stress Busting Strategies When Travelling

There is not much you can do about delayed flights, crowded airports, a delayed pickup or nagging travelling partners, but some of the bumps we experience when we travel are within our control.

Here are a few stress-busting strategies which can help you a lot when travelling.

1. Make a Packing List As Early As Weeks Before Travel

Make a packing list early so that you won’t forget a thing as you would have packed everything you will think of which is necessary for the trip. When you pack, check each item which goes to the suitcase and tick against it on the packing list. This way, you won’t be sitting in the departure lounge wondering, “Did I just forget my camera?”

2. Plan ahead/Book Early

Don’t wait to the last minute to make reservations or request a seat. Take advantage of advance seat selection from your travel agent so you don’t wind up boxed in a middle seat, with limited access to the aisle. Book early from hotels, flights and everything to avoid the last-minute, stressful rush. Furthermore, when booking early, you get the best offers.

3. Travel Light

If you have only a carry-on bag, you won’t be one of those poor souls struggling with heavy bags to the car or the airport. Travelling light helps you move around easily too and you won’t lose your luggage as easily as one with heavy luggage.

4. Have Your Valuables in Your Carry-on

Don’t put your valuables like passport, money, meds, electronics and even toiletries in your luggage bag. Put them in your carry-ons as they will be safer there because your carry-on is mostly with you.

5. Entertain Yourself

In advance of your trip, download movies or podcasts you’ve been wanting to enjoy, then settle into your seat, pop in your earphones/headphones and relax. Nobody knows your tastes better than you do.

6. Carry A lot Of Water

Carry a lot of water which you will drink while travelling to avoid headaches which come as a result of dehydration.

7. Expect At least one Glitch Per Trip

When you are at home that something might happen, then you will definitely have reduced your level of stress while travelling, furthermore, the worst travel experiences like a vehicle breakdown, a missed flight, delayed flight, inexperienced guides and even minor road accidents make the best stories later.

8. Allow More TimeWhen Taking Connecting Flights

If you are taking connecting flights, be sure to allow more time than you think you’ll need to get from gate to gate. If your first flight is delayed, you can avoid a chain reaction of missed connections.