Sky Diving Vs Bungee Jumping: What’s Your Pick?

You do not have to be a sports traveller to want to try out sky diving in Diani or bungee jumping at Sagana at least once in your life. These two activities are some of the travel experiences that test the courage and willingness of anyone to push their limits. From an outsider, they may look dangerous but the truth is, they can be addictive especially for adrenaline junkies. Interestingly, there are people who would choose one over the other, similar as they may seem. So which one would you pick? Here are some comparisons between the two.


Sky diving takes the crown in the category of heights, as the jump can start from as high as 10,000 feet from the ground. This height is possible because sky diving takes place from an aircraft. Bungee jumping goes to maximum heights of 1000 feet which is only a tenth of sky diving.


Unless you are a pro, most sky diving occurs in pairs where the interested party is straped to a trained sky diver. Therefore, there is some sort of comfort knowing that somebody else has your back in case anything goes wrong. In bungee jumping, the control is left completely to the elastic chord that suspends the jumper. If the chord is in good condition with less than 200 jumping sessions, then very little can go wrong. You should note that both these sports should be carried out in registered and certified institutions to avoid any form of unprofessionalism.

Adrenaline rush

Sky diving is from a higher height so the fall takes longer than bungee jumping. However, sky diving occurs over a larger space, therefore, giving one a feeling of freedom and weightlessness as opposed to adrenaline and fear. Bungee jumping is more direct and faster. The participant jumps head fast to the bottom of the cliff or point of elevation. It also occurs within restricted space making it more intense.


The biggest advantage of sky diving is that you will get to see breath-taking views from a high point all through to when you land. The views are better and more personal as opposed to those captured from an airplane. Bungee jumping, unfortunately, does not give the same experience as the whole activity is strictly about jumping.


Sky diving is much more expensive than bungee jumping. This may be because it requires more equipment as opposed to bungee jumping. In Kenya the average cost of sky diving is about $300 while that of bungee jumping is $50.

Overall conclusion

Sky diving and bungee jumping are all amazing activities that everyone should get to try at some point in their lives. For those looking solely for an adrenaline rush, then bungee jumping is the best option while sky diving is more ideal for those who want to experience air suspension and heightened views.