Skin Preparation Guide For a Beach Session In Kenya

Your skin should not be a reason you don’t jump into the ocean and have the best time of your life while at the Coast. There are many reasons your skin can make you think twice before stripping and plunging into that pool or the ocean, from being too hairy, having stretch marks and even having scars.

Here is a guide on how to go about preparing your skin for a beach session in Kenya.

1.Dry Skin

Chemical exfoliation is important here than harsh scrubs. Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin using a chemical, granular substance, or exfoliation tool. You should be very careful with sunscreen as they can increase the intensity of your burning.

2. Dark Spots

Home remedies work surprisingly well to improve the appearance of the skin especially the facial skin but other remedies like Vitamin C antioxidant then followed by a sunscreen can do the magic too. Home remedies like honey mixed with turmeric and lemon juice can help but need to be for quite some time.

3. Scars

For scars, the sun does this job perfectly. It can help in darkening the scars permanently. Bu.Ke activated charcoal soap bar and Sheth Naturals Rosehip Oil are some of the local skincare products that can help clear the scars.

4. Unwanted Hair

Honestly, this makes me uncomfortable too. If you want a long term solution to unwanted hair, then I could recommend laser removal, which will require more than one session and you will be required to avoid direct sunlight for a day or two after each session. It sounds hard but is worth it at the end. You could go for other options like using depilatory creams, waxing and even electrolysis to name but a few.

5. Uneven Skin Tone

Uneven skin is when the skin has light and dark patches. This is also known as ‘hyperpigmentation’. An uneven skin tone is often caused by the skin producing too much melanin. This happens when your skin is exposed to the sun, when hormonal changes occur (including during pregnancy or when you take contraceptives), when acne scars the skin, or when skin is exposed to everyday pollutants. Genetics can also play a role.

You can deal with uneven skin tone by using a moisturiser with SPF protection or use a brightening skincare routine

6. Stretch Marks

This simply needs another list of countermeasures. Here are some of the approaches you can try to counter stretch marks so as not to ruin that perfect beach session with family and friends.

  • Moisturize earlier-Immediately you notice the stretch marks, start to moisturize as early as immediately.
  • Vitamin C – Take a supplement of at least 500mg daily to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Exfoliate – Use a body scrub on the affected areas at least twice a week or even more to help remove the dead skin cells. By doing this, your moisturizer can easily penetrate the skin.
  • Laser therapy – This treatment uses intense wavelengths of light to stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin in the skin. This treatment is expensive and works best on new stretch marks, and on people with lighter skin.

You can also use Glycolic acid.