Six Simple and Fun Things To Do on a Plane To Pass Time

For some reason, being in the air, even just for 2 hours always seems like an eternity. It is almost as if time stands still when you are lodged in the vastness of the air. It can get boring especially if you do not want to sleep because of the time difference in your destination. Below are a few simple tips and tricks to help you kill all the extra time.


Anyone who is a book lover must find flying an amazing gift because then you have nothing else to do but read. You can carry an actual book or use your phone o tablet to read your saved soft copies. In the event that you are not really a fan of reading, or your short concentration spun simply does not allow you, then try reading the literature provided on the plane. You can always talk to the cabin crew and ask for extra copies. Go for comics if available. They are sure to keep your eyes and mind entertained.


If you are not loving the idea of reading on the plane, then try to write. You can write about anything. Try to come up with a plan of what you want to do once you touch the ground. Whether you are just beginning your trip or you are going back home. Writing will give you a form of order on how to carry out activities before getting the rhythm of things.


Most airlines offer up to three movies on the plane to keep you entertained in your trip. Instead of sleeping throughout, try watching these movies. You may have already watched them and not enjoyed them the first time. Watch them still, because you might get to patch up some storylines that might have evaded you the first time.

Listen to music

Always have your iPod stocked and ready for a flight. Create a playlist of your favourite songs even. This way, you will get carried away into a world of fantasy and peace. Before you know it, you find yourself at your destination in a breeze.

Look outside

Ever heard about daydreaming whilst floating on the clouds? You will literally be doing that when looking through your window and enjoying the heavens. Sometimes you can be able to see the ground down below, sometimes you will be in an endless sea of clouds. Allow your mind to rest in all the nothingness and think about everything that makes you happy.

Make a friend

Not so many people like to chat during their flights. However, many current best friends swear to have met on a common flight. You may never know who you are sitting next to if you do not initiate a conversation. You just might end up making a travel buddy!