Shining A Light Into The Exquisite Olepangi Farm

Olepangi Farm is one of the most ideal places for all types of travellers that are looking for a retreat. Not only is it family-friendly, it is also packed with amazing activities that make your stay there ever so meaningful. It is the perfect weekend and holiday getaway. One of the places that one can never really say goodbye to. Here is a short preview into the magnificent farm.


Named #1 of 22 by Trip Advisor, the Olepangi Farm sits on the foot of Mt. Kenya in Nanyuki town. It occupies a total of 120 acres within which five self-contained and distinguished cottages rest. The farm can easily be accessed by road directly from Nairobi or from the Nanyuki Airstrip.

General Outlook

Olepangi Farm is a perfect blend of a luxury hotel combined with ranch life and sports retreat. The owners, Clinton and Elizabeth refer to their establishment as a lodge that helps its guest step off from the busy treadmill of life. Truly, the farm offers its guests a dose of fresh air, natural silence, unpolluted beauty of the wild and a chance to interact with people on a relaxed level.


The lodge has five cottages, each tailored to fit specific guests i.e. families, couples and solo travellers. Each cottage has a unique setting with antique and rich décor. The owners of the farm have obviously gone out of their way to make the cottages and lodge at large as welcoming as possible. They have also made it into a mini-museum of some sort with artefact collections from far and wide.


The Olepangi Farm prides itself in producing most of the food consumed in the lodge from its garden. This makes the experience at the lodge more personal and healthier. The meals are both local and continental and dietary inclusions can be made upon prior requests.

Horse Riding

Apart from the beautiful cottages and bountiful garden, the Olepangi Farm is home to a handsome group of horses. The owners, Clinton and Elizabeth admit to being helpless lovers of the animals and the farm has quite the impressive herd. The horses are one of the major attractions of the farm. Moreover, their manure helps a great deal in keeping the garden fertile throughout the year.

Olepangi Perks

Olepangi offers its guests a list of exciting yet relaxing features. Apart from the horse riding, guests can enjoy relaxing massage therapy while taking in the tranquillity of the environment. The farm has outstanding views of the Mt. Kenya highland that is further enriched by the backdrop of the Laikipia escarpments. Polo, swimming and other sports are available for the guests.

Other Activities

Outside the Farm, guests can enjoy:

  • Hiiking Mt. Kenya
  • Cultural Visits.
  • Ngare Ndare expeditions.
  • Exploring Nanyuki town.
  • Visiting Ol Pejeta Conservancy.
  • Horseback safaris.

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