Rediscovering Loisaba Conservancy

Loisaba is a 57,000-acre wildlife conservancy and working ranch located in Northern Laikipia. Surrounded by never-ending plains of verdant savannah, Elewana Loisaba Tented Camp is a modern and luxurious oasis nestled in the Loisaba Conservancy in Northern Laikipia. Exclusive and contemporary, this is one of our favourite camps for an indulgent stay.

Loisaba is a place you want to spend your holiday on, the air fragrant with a greenery smell, alive with the sound of many creatures in the conservancy and of course the idyllic and relaxing luxury lodges with an infinity pool which overlook the horizon giving you a view you can only imagine in a dream.

Photo © Loisaba Conservancy

Most of the properties in Laikipia are named after plants and animals but Loisaba took a different approach. Loisaba means “Seven sisters” in the local Samburu language. You can visit Loisaba conservancy to have a view of wildlife but this place is better off when you want to experience the power of space. It has an expansive space and a picturesque view of a clear sky full of stars at night.

Kilimanjaro enveloped in stars as seen from Loisaba Photo ©Getty

Laikipia plateau is one of Kenya’s biggest stretches of wilderness and is located in Loisaba. This expansive space has millions of acres of private ranches but many ranchers have since puled their fences down to allow wildlife to roam freely in the conservancy and as a result, this has made Loisaba one of the best wildlife destinations in Kenya.

A game drive through Loisaba conservancy and one can see as many wild animals as you could have seen in many other big parks across Kenya and East Africa.

in 2018, only one camp was available in Loisaba with it’s famous ‘Starbeds’ which are wheeled out at night for guests to sleep under the stars. The beds are made of polished tree branches as mosquito net poles.

Photo © Elewana Collection

Later last year, a new 12 room Loisaba tented camp was built to cater for the increasing number of guests and with a bed capacity of 32 people. The tented camp is constructed strategically as it provides spectacular views which extend for hundreds of miles over the expansive Laikipia plains. Wherever place you are at the camp, you will still get breathtaking views.

Photo © Africa Sky

The infinity pool is one of the best features in the camp. You get to swim while gazing at an endless horizon full of beauty. The conservancy has allowed villagers to sample its rich grasslands by allowing them to graze in the conservancy which is a way to give back to the community. They also buy cattle directly from the villagers.

If you want to visit Loisaba tented camps, then here is what you will expect.

  • Three platforms with double bed, and one has two double beds
  • Full board food and drink
  • WiFi
  • Tailored game drives in a 4×4 purpose built safari vehicle
  • Activities included: lion tracking, camel safari, horseback riding, mountain biking and cultural visits to Samburu village
  • Bush walks, breakfasts and sundowners
  • Night game drives

The price per person per night starts from £355 / $465 / €405 for Loisaba Tented Camps while for Elewana Loisaba Star Beds, it ranges from £505 / $655 / €575 per person per night.

This location is the best for honeymoons and romantic getaways.