Punda Milias Camp Nakuru: Experiencing Nakuru Afresh

Just like the name suggests, you are promised a magnificent view of punda milias (zebras) antelopes and birds during your stay at the camp grounds. Whether you are looking for a mid-week escape or a weekend treat, whether you are travelling alone, with your partner or family, Pundamilias Camp Nakuru is an ideal choice for an unforgettable experience. Here is a better look.


Punda Milias Camp Nakuru is located close to the Greensteds estate, 3 kilometres from the Nairobi-Nakuru highway. Its signboard can be seen on the opposite side of the road from where the Greensteds International School signboard stands. At first glance at the small almost weather-beaten signpost, one can easily dismiss the facility as ‘yet another wanna-be holiday resort.’ How wrong they will be. If going by public transport, you can just alight at the Greensteds’ bus stop on either side of the highway and take a motorbike for the 3 kilometres. The charges should not be more than 150/=, this being on the higher side. The road there is not tarmacked but it is passable by any vehicle.

The facility on the ground

You will be welcomed to the site by beautifully manicured lawns, easy on the eyes acacia trees, and a very chill ambience. Punda Milias Camp looks like an oasis of peace and calm amidst the chaos of urban life. The reception area is enough to win you over, and it would be no wonder if you chose to stay an extra week more to what you had planned.

Accommodation setting

There are 6 specific accommodation options for you to choose from at Punda Milias Camp:

  • Cottages (suitable for families and/or large groups)
  • Bandas (suitable for couples and budget travellers)
  • Safari Tents (suitable for adventurers and couples)
  • Camping tents (for solo travellers and budget travellers)
  • Dormitory tents (for large groups)
  • Punda Milias House(families and large groups)

The cottages, having more detailed luxury naturally cost more. However, even then, the prices are very affordable ranging between 4500 and 6000 depending on your boarding arrangements.

The Bandas are tin houses converted to nice cosy rooms complete with bed(s), chairs, mosquito net and insulated walls. This is a great addition since a tin house can get cold when temperatures drop at night.

The safari tents are luxury tents that are self-contained. You get to be one with nature without giving up any comforts. The best part is, you get to shower under the sky in the open air bathrooms.

Caping tents are for the frugal traveller that doesn’t mind sleeping on the ground and sharing the bathroom facilities with other visitors.

Dormitry tents are similar to camping tents, just for a larger group.

The Punda Milias House is a self-contained and self-catering 4 bedroomed house available for families looking to go on a vacation together or for a group of friends looking to share costs during their trip. The house includes daily cleaning, unmatched scenery and ample space for all its occupants.


The camp is fully equipped with a swimming pool open to residents and the public at only Ksh 100 per child and 200/= per adult.

There is a restaurant and an onsite chef that prepares meals on order. This guarantees you nice, fresh food throughout your stay.

The lounging area is open to all visitors where you can make new friends and get to enjoy your time away from normal life.

Lastly, the Punda Milias Camp Nakuru neighbours the Soysambu conservancy and has access to up to 15000 acres of the reserve. This means that a visitor can get guided drives and walks in the conservancy where you can enjoy game and bird watching and a great view of Lake Elementaita.

Book your visit through their facebook page, or their phone numbers: 0733 245915 or 0796757945 and get a marvellous chance to experience Nakuru afresh.

Other contacts:

Email: sales@pundamiliasnakurucamp.com

Website: www.pundamiliasnakurucamp.com