Places You Can Get Clothes From While Staying In Kenya

So you have come to our beautiful, sometimes chaotic country Kenya and you are looking to stay here a bit longer than expected? You came only with a small suitcase of clothes and now you need more? Do not worry because you have several options as to where you can get some good clothes.

Clothe Boutique

Boutiques are always the first places to come to mind whenever one speaks about shopping for clothes. There are several boutiques all around Kenyan cities and so you will definitely not miss getting one wherever you are. However, boutiques can be somewhat expensive considering the clothes are often first hand and imported from high-end sources. This should not discourage you however because when converting the prices to dollars, then they might not be that high. Good examples are Mr Price, Jade Collections, LC Waikiki and House of Leather.


The other most obvious option of getting new clothes is going to a supermarket. Supermarkets such as Tuskys, Carrefour, Naivas, and Woolmatt pride themselves with having everything under one roof. Here you can get everything from shirts to pants, to dresses and even underwear. The advantage of shopping at a supermarket is that you will not have to walk around too much or sort through piles of clothes. The disadvantage, however, is similar to that of boutiques. The prices might be a bit high and the variety limited.

Thrift stores

Thrift stores are similar to boutiques in that they are stores that generally or mainly deal with clothes. However, thrift stores sell second-hand clothes, which make their prices a bit friendlier. Think Twice chain of thrift stores have made thrifting easier, more fun and quite accessible with branches all over Nairobi and Nakuru. There are many thrift stores all around the streets of Nairobi and other major cities such as Nakuru, Mombasa, Eldoret and Kisumu. The disadvantage of such stores is that you might have to sort through many clothes especially if the seller has not already done this. The advantages are more though. For starters, the prices are extremely manageable. A shirt can go for as low as 1 dollar.

Open Air Market

The cheapest yet most hectic option for clothing shopping is the open-air market. In Nairobi, there are markets such as Gikomba or Muthurwa, which have tonnes of clothes to choose from. You might get some places that have their collection hanged but for the most part, you will have to fight through the mountains of clads in order to get your preferred pick. Open-air markets are also often congested so you have to be on the lookout for pickpockets. Try to carry as little as possible when going to these places and have your money in small hidden pockets for safety’s sake.