Picturesque Gorges That You Should Visit in Kenya

A gorge is a narrow valley with steep, rocky walls located between hills or mountains. There are not many gorges in Kenya but the few available are very beautiful you should plan to pay them a visit.

1.Hell’s Gate Gorge

Located in Hell’s Gate National Park, Hell’s Gate Gorge is a wide, deep valley hemmed in by sheer, rusty-hued rock walls. It has had many safety incidences of flash floods sweeping people or people falling from cliffs. Despite those setbacks, this gorge remains on the top in Kenya and perfect for a weekend getaway.


2. Murang’a Gorges, Sagana

Murang’a Gorges are not, in many cases, listed as some of the most underestimated beautiful places one should visit. Well, at least they got listed today. Murang’a Gorges in Sagana are as breathtaking as they are amazing. Get time and visit them.

Twitter © Paul Ngumii

3. Ewaso Gorge

This Gorge is better explored by a chopper because below is a river which overflows with crocodiles. A birds view is breathtaking as you have look at the dramatic rock formations in the gorge, including an impressive formation that looks strikingly like a whale’s tail. There are places at the Ewaso Gorge with no crocodiles where you can land and even take a dip.

4. Mukutan Gorge

Located in Ol Ari Nyiro ranch in the west of Laikipia, this Gorge is very stunning. It even has many lodges nearby like the Mukutan Retreat, Ekorian’s Mugie Camp, Ekorian’s Mugie Camp, and  Loisaba Tented Camp & Starbeds, many which give you spectacular views of Mukutan Gorge.

Outrageously spoiling, incredibly relaxing, with a view to die for – the Mukutan will steal your soul, and give it back to you enriched with the beauty of this place ~ TheDuke