Passport Photo Rules

As travellers, we are constantly trying to save money and learn new skills as we go. One way of saving money during your travelling process is taking your own passport photos as opposed to paying for professional ones. Passport issuing offices are some of the most thorough government offices. One slight mistake can cost you an extra day running around trying to make necessary corrections. Below is a list of rules to follow when taking your own passport photos.

White Background

This is a standard requirement for most first time passport photos. Do not go for cream, faded yellow or stained white option.  Make sure your background is as white and as pure as can be. This is to mean that the white should not have dots, lines or any other obstructions on it.

No Selfies

Once you have the perfect background find someone to take the photos for you. Remember these are official photos that will be used for as long as your passport is valid, which is usually every other decade. Make sure the person taking the photos has steady hands and a good camera focus. The next rule explains why.

No Blurs nor Filters

A passport photo should be as clear as can be. This means that you should not use any filters or image editing tools to add or remove from the photo. Any faults will cause the photo’s automatic disqualification.

No Posing

You should never pose or make faces when taking your passport photo. Therefore do not also smile tweak your face in any other way.

No Hats or Face Coverings

Passport offices do not allow photos that do not show your full face. Even if you have to cover your face for religious reasons, make sure your face line, including the start of your hairline, is visible. If you have any jewellery hiding any part of your face, you are required by law to remove them.

No Uniform

Do not take your passport photo in your uniform, whether school or work. Immigration offices require your passport photo to portray you in your everyday state unless it is a diplomatic or otherwise special passport.