Packing Tips For a Domestic Trip In Kenya

Packing can be tedious but very essential when due to travel. Packing for a domestic trip is not as tedious as packing for an international trip. It is usually that if you forget one essential item, then you literally get your whole trip ruined if you can’t find that item in a store once you arrive at your destination or just didn’t budget to get the same item again.

So before you pack, here are important packing tips that will help you pack all that you need easily and in an orderly manner.

1. Make a Packing List

You have probably seen such a tip elsewhere. This is because it is as important as it looks. If you are a procrastinating kind of person, then you are likely to miss packing some few important items. Packing needs to start early like a week ahead of your trip as this gives you enough time to craft a complete and detailed list of what you need to pack, what you may have packed before and then you realize you won’t need and so on and forth. With a packing list, you will purchase any additional items which you might need for your trip.

2. Don’t Pack What You Can Buy Upon Arrival

If you can buy it where you’re going you don’t need to pack it before you leave. Items such as bottled water, body lotion and snacks only take up valuable space and make your luggage heavier so leave them out.

3. Don’t ‘Emergency Pack’

Don’t pack items which you won’t use on your trip in the hope that they will help in case an emergency occurs. Things like a spotlight, extra clothing or an extra pair of shoes are completely unnecessary as they will only eat up more on your seemingly little space because space is usually key when packing; you don’t need to overload yourself in the name of emergency.

4. Pack Medications Separately

Pack all your medication in a separate, smaller bag that goes with your hand luggage where it is more easily accessible so that in case you need them when you don’t feel well, they can easily be at reach.

5. Pack Copies Of Essential Travel Documents

Make sure you pack a copy of your essential travel documents and itinerary. These can come in handy in the event your original documents are lost or damaged during your travels.

6. Consider Sourvenir Space

If you must bring back a souvenir from your trip, consider the space it will take in your bag long before you even leave for your trip. It can be disheartening having to leave the souvenir because it can’t fit.

7. Pack Dual-Purpose Clothes

If its two in one cloth, then it means that its less one thing to pack and clearly more space created. If you have dual purpose items such as pants which you can unzip ankles down to form a short, or a jacket that can be zipped up to form a fluffy pillow then such items should definitely be first to be packed.