Outdoor Activities You Can Engage With Your Kids This Holiday

The holiday is still not over yet and you know you can’t keep your kids indoors all day, and since you can’t, getting something to keep them busy as you bond is like killing two birds with one stone.

Here are some of the outdoor activities you can engage with your kids during the holiday.

1. Hiking

There are many places you can go for hiking with your kids. There is Ngong Hills, Karura forest and even Nairobi Arboretum. Here you can engage in biking if your kid(s) know how to ride a bike, watch the sunset, enjoy the breeze or go for birdwatching.

2. Go On Educational Tours With The Kids

You don’t need to necessarily go to the Coast or the Mara. You can go for an educational tour within or outside Nairobi where children will get to learn as they explore. You can take them to the Museum and learn a lot or take them to historical sites.

3. Nature Walks

Nature walks are important for people to catch up and bond. You can go to the Nairobi Safari Walk inside Nairobi National Park. It takes approximately 2 hours for a complete walk. A winding boardwalk covers three major habitats. The first is a wetland area where crocodiles idle, the second a savanna grassland where you can spot wildlife including an albino zebra, leopards and the rare bongo. The third habitat is a woodland area exhibiting indigenous plants, labelled with their traditional uses.

4. Tend to The Garden/Farm Together

If you have a small garden or a farm, you can tell them to help you tend to it. They will get to help around and not be very idle.

5. Engage in Church/ charitable Activities

There are very many church or charitable activities you can engage in with your kid. These activities will help nurture you and you kid spiritually if you are staunch Christians. You can also involve your kid in charitable activities like visiting children homes.

6. A Roadtrip

If your kids are of a reasonable age, you can go with them on a road trip together with their friends if they wish and let them have some good time.

7. Relic Hunter

This isn’t really an outdoor activity but museums do count since it involves getting out of the house. There are so many interesting things to be learnt at museums – whether it’s astronomy, mammals or precious gems. You could take your kids to the national park for a picnic or giraffe centre to spend time with these long-necked beauties. Their inquisitive minds will be engaged and you are sure to also learn a thing or two.